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Are we Poor ???

I've been having a bad week and have been openly venting my fustration with the high cost of living [ meaning everything ]. I mean [ not to sound old ] but I remember when milk was $2.50 a gallon. When a small bag a chips cost you 25 cents and when I first moved to florida gas was $1.25 a gallon.
So here I am fustrated and openly talking about the high cost of living in front of my children. I forgot that my duaghter is old enough to know what I am saying but not old enough to understand what life is all about. So on one of our trips home from school she ask a very polite question: "Are we poor???"

I really felt bad about forgetting that children pick up everything you say.
She brought me to tears when she offered to give up her savings to help the family out.....
I love my kids...

Update: Video is gone due to Revver shutting down. I wish I had put it in youtube.

It's been several years since I wrote this post and after these several years of economic distress [ recession, real estate collapse, bank failures, and Europe on the brink of collapse ] I wonder if I did a good job of teaching my children about how to deal with money and how to survive in economic down turns.. ????

I think I'm growing Dumb ?

I was sitting with my little girl helping her do her home work, it only took a few seconds before I realized that my little girl is realizing I am not the all knowing parent I pretend to be.
It’s funny - the fact that things are the same and yet have changed so much. I was helping her with her math and I thought I knew what I was doing until my little girl screamed out “ your doing it wrong…!” She said, “that’s not how my teacher said we have to do it“. After conversing on how her teacher wants it done - I realized that my answer was right but my method was different. So I had to show my little girl that yes it’s important to follow her teachers instructions and learn from her, but never forget - there are others ways and sometimes simpler ways of doing things and getting the right answer.

Whats happening in Middle east in 60 sec's....

Please, don't be offended...
but you really have to wonder why all this nonsense is
happening in the middle east. here is an interesting view:
What the heck is going on in the Middle East anyway? We
explain the whole thing -- in less time than it takes
to tie your shoes.

What a shame, the video [ really funny video too ] from Revver is gone. Apparently Revver has gone MIA and we have no access to any of the videos.

What - pay tribute to Fidel Castro ????

Maybe I'm losing my mind, or the world has gone mad, but why would anyone
want to pay tribute to Fidel Castro. In fact, why would any free citizen would
want to pay tribute to any dictator?
Hey, while we're at it, lets praise all the dictators of the world and see
if the people they oppressed, totured and murdered would like it. I'm sure
if this tourist was forced to live in cuba for a few years, his desire to give
tribute would fade away to hate.... retard.....

Make baby - Win a Car!

I know children are important. They are our future... We even have a famous song written how they are our future and we should protect them - ask Michael Jackson....
And I don't want to sound serious because the story really sounds silly to me, but with all the millions of babies we abort, Parents kill, murders take away from us - It's no wonder we're in such desperate need that Countries have to make these kinds of "incentive offers".....

(AP) Make a baby. Win a car.

Don't be surprised if the streets are empty and curtains drawn in this central Russian region Wednesday as residents take up an offer by the regional governor to help stem Russia's demographic crisis.

make baby win carUlyanovsk Gov. Sergei Morozov has decreed Sept. 12 a Day of Conception and is giving couples time off from work to procreate. Couples who give birth nine months later on Russia's national day - June 12 - receive money, cars, refrigerators and other prizes.

Good citizens: Irina and Andrei Kartuzov drive away June 26, 2007, in the SUV they won for conceiving a baby as part of the "Give Birth to a Patriot on Russia's Independence Day" contest in September 2006.

I just can't help but think? What do you get if you have twins, or triplets..... A new boat or a new house? Things are getting just a bit weird and funny in our little mud ball of a planet....

Serious case of foot fetish

I’ve been robbed several times in my life, and it was part of life because I lived in NY in one of the worst neighborhood around. In all the years I live in New York I was scared of being robbed, mugged, held up, beat up, and so forth ……. But not once did I ever think that a criminal would stop to lick my feet? Yes, lick my feet………

But apparently - I guess if you live long enough your bound to see anything and every thing. This crook apparently had such a bad foot fetish that he just had to stop in a middle of his crime - to lick this ladies feet. Oh please take my wallet and by the way, I didn’t wash my feet today…….

The Baby Diaper Song

I remember I couldn't wait for my children to be potty trained, why -
becuase them things are expensive man. And babies run thru'em like water.....

Advertisments can Kill you?

On a personal note, I lived in New York for 22 years. Grew up there, wonderful place to
live if you don't mind the crowds and such. I remember when we moved to florida and on
one of our vacations to NY with my brother-in-law and his new wife. We had to take
the subway becuase his wife had never seen the subway.... She wanted to experience
the crowded NY subways.

It makes me wonder what she would have done if she saw this bill board????


Funny Animal Story - comic

I use to have a video from revver [ a video site ] about an exploding chair gag. Since revver closed down I had to revise this page so how about this:

funny animal story

funny child abuse video

This is just so funny - I couldn't help it.... you just have to watch it.....
This is sick on so many levels but i just couldn't help but luagh...

How important is life to you?

I want you to watch this video - I saw the whole clip the night before on the news… I think it was a brave thing that someone would jump in to save another’s life. But the reason why I bring it up is because while I was watching the full clip of this life and death struggle with my spouse at my side I heard this: "Oh my, how embarrassing you can see that mans butt?"

I turned and said - if it was you, would you have preffered that they let you drown than have millions see your butt hole??

Ready, Aim, Fire! no real Fire?????

Let me see, a religious holiday that is celebrated by young men hurling fire balls [ literally ] at each other. Now I have nothing against religion - but this may be crazier than those who say they handle snakes because god told them they wouldn’t get hurt???
Is it me or are people just getting stupider ?
Really, hey son, want to go throw the ball around? Yeah dad, let me go get the flame retardant gloves……
I would really like to hear from you on this one….

Coffee saves memory loss - drink cat poop coffee

Oh yea, I knew drinking coffe would pay off one day. So sar studies show that coffee can help prevent hair loss and that it can help fight off memory loss in women. I like my aging odds now. I drink about 5 cups a day or more, so I will be a sharp and active old person - with a hairy back????

With all this good news about coffee - I still wont pay $55 dollars for coffe made from cat poop. I don't care what the benefits are - yuck.....

The Art of Jumping off buildings - parkour or freerunning

Jump off a building lately?

Today anything can be considered a Sport?
I guess if you can say that atleast their not sitting at home growing fat and lazy while they play their X-box and watch re-runs on TV. But jumping off of buildings? Can you even really call that a sport, sounds more like training for the military or maybe training to avoid police capture……

In either case it’s an interesting thing, I know I couldn’t do it, so you know what they say “if you can’;t jump off a building, you go splat if you do….”

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