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Kerry Pomorolli - live comedy

This is funny and great! It's nice to see some funny clean jokes.
I can relate to much of this as I grew up. She just cracks you up.
In fact I take the hotel shampoo home with me ??? Lord forgive me!!!!
But it brings a thought to mind - do you need a dirty joke inorder to laugh??

House of Toilet ???

I'm not sure if I believe it but -
He is trying to help the 40% of the world population that don't have
toilets [ sanitation ]. My question is if he really wanted to help -
why not start by building them each a bathroom instead of a toilet building??

would you pay $50,000 dollars to stay in a toilet house????

A floating Dutchman in DC ??

I personally don’t believe in magic, I hold strong to the idea
that it’s a trade secret full of highly secret techniques. But
you have to admit that “The Floating Dutchman” has pulled of a
great magic trick. Just watch the video - it’s surprising.

Harry Potter - look out, Dumdbledore is Gay ??

Oct. 20 - British author J.K. Rowling has 'outed' one of the main
characters of her best-selling Harry Potter series.
She told fans in New York that the wizard Albus Dumbledore, head of
Hogwarts school, is gay. Speaking at Carnegie Hall in her first U.S.
tour in seven years, Rowling confirmed what some fans had always
suspected - that she "always thought Dumbledore was gay."

Personally I think she is just trying to drive more attention her
way. Her series is over and she only has the last book tour to drum
up attention. Funny she said "Thought" - After all, she created the
fictional character. Don’t you think she would know, rather than
suggesting that “she always Thought he was” ???
And considering that Dumdbledore is dead - does it matter…….

What ? Middle School to offer contraception ????

Ok, forgive me for my rant but - who the hell gave the school any right to provide birth control pills or products to children [ pre-teen , teenagers ] ?
I am not saying that this will cause children to have more sex - but it sure will give them an easier path in thinking and acting on the impulse. If you watch the video below there is a girl dressed up in what appears to be Muslim garment of women attire. She appears to be scoping out the area before she enters the clinic????

Again, I know if kids want to “do it” as Whoppi used the term on the “View”, their going to. I also know it’s up to the parents to teach their children the best they can and instill in them moral standards. Be it religious and waiting till marriage or just moral and waiting for the right time. But the school has no right to help children achieve something that other wise is a private matter with parents, teenagers, and their [ oh God ] partners……

They say it’s to control spread of diseases and teenage pregnancies - so your plan is to teach them how [ again - sex ed not your business ] and then give them tools to be better prepared ??? Who made you the parent of my child - piss head [ excuse me ].

They feed you all this crap that video games, music, and movies are sexual and promote sex and violence and it’s the parents job to teach their kids and control the TV, etc… But then they step in and hand condoms to children because how does it go - “if you can’t beat’em, join them” kind of mentality.

Oh, and for those who say “there going to do it and we should help them protect themselves” well I have this to say. If your woman or man enough to “do it” talk to your parents, go to the store and don't be ashamed to pay for your own contraception. Let's be honest - if their frightened or ashamed it probably is because they know their not ready or supposed to be “Doing It”.

Really - tell me what you think….comments welcomed.

Call the Paparazzi Off !!!

Camera’s have a weird effect on people- It doesn’t matter who you are
someone always want you to take a photo or a picture. And boy does it
take for ever for that right photo. Oh, and God forbid if that video
gets on youtube [ call the Paparazzi ]….

1,500 pound Pumkin smashes Bus ?

It’s no wonder other countries think we’re crazy. Half the world including our own country has parts full of starving people - but here in California we have nothing better to do with a 1,500 pound Pumpkin, except smash a school bus with it. Yes you heard me correctly - smash a Bus.

It’s amazing, what lengths we will go to waste here it America. But oddly enough, I am kind of amazed that the pumpkin did smash that bus ????

Kids wants and Parents regret ?

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!! Why am I so happy, my little or not so little girl gave me a headache when she all of a sudden needed a cell phone. After all, her friends had cell phones. Even her cousin had a cell phone. She just had to have one. Well, I knew it was a waste to go pay hundreds of dollars and a 2 year contract on a cell phone that would probably be used for 2 weeks and then forgotten [ and it was - love that pre-paid phone ].
So when my daughter started talking about getting an allowance and possibly a credit card - my heart dropped. [ it’s still on the kitchen floor even as I speak ]. So being the tech savvy parent that I am I ran to Google for help [ 3 weeks later - head hurts - to much search…..].
I finally found something that may work and will not burn a whole in my budget and will give her the impression that she is grown up - when I know just like the cell phone - this fever to shall pass. It’s called pre paid visa
If worst comes to worst she feels like a grown up and uses the card with out destroying my credit. If all goes as I plan, she’ll get tired of it in a month and I lose nothing except a couple of nights sleep.
I love it when I can out smart my kids with love and affection…… maybe we can use this to help her save for college [ doubt it ]…LOL

5 tips to help get out of debt

I walked into my local Dollar general store to pick up a gallon of milk and found myself transported in time. They were already preparing for Christmas…? That’s right Christmas! I asked the clerk what happened to Halloween and thanksgiving and she just smiled at me [ that joke went over like a lead balloon].

One of the reasons I hate wal-mart is because every time you walk in they already have next holiday seasons displays up. It’s bad enough having a non white snow less Christmas - but Christmas trees before we’re even done eating the turkey???

I was hoping to avoid Christmas - it’s just to expensive, that’s why I thought the video below would be of help: “5 ways to get out of debt faster”. I hope you enjoy it. Personally these are my five tips:

1- Stop taking the kids with me to the store.
I always end up buying more than I should or want. I am so bad at saying no.

2- Start a diet and never end it.
Not because it’s healthy for me but because food has gotten so expensive. By beacon…… I’ll miss you.

3- Learn to live in the dark.
If I can convince the family that it’s a fun idea - who needs electricity. But I doubt they can live without the TV or the internet. I know I can’t.

4- Avoid friends and family.
Hey, if they can’t find me - they can’t mooch off me [ oh, I know that was mean..]

5- Never leave the house unless absolutely necessary.
Man have you seen the gas prices! Come on, do they think I’m made of money. Who cares if you can afford the car payment - the gas is what kills ya!

Now those were my 5 tips on how to get out of debt. I hope this is some help to you.

I need a secret Hug ??

Personally, I don’t like all the huggy huggy thing. I personally reserve hugs for family and special friends. I would also like to add that I would prefer that my daughter stay at least fifteen “Hundred” feet away from boys. But this is ridiculous - to ban hugs???
I thought it was funny at first till I read in the news paper that it wasn’t only this school in Fossil hill that banned hugging in school. From Bend, Ore., to Oak Park, ill., to Des Moines, Iowa, to Orlando Florida schools are banning hugs. And the excuse - that it causes congestion in the hall ways - well, tell the kids to move along and not be late but banning hugs???
Hey, I personally would prefer my little girl would never hug a boy and never marry till I was dead - but that’s not going to stop her.. Some believe this ban is due to fear of sexual harassment or worst - sexual activity. Give me a break - first, teach your child correctly and hope they do the right thing. Second, like it or not if they want to “do it” they will, and if you try to ban them, they’ll find a stronger reason to do it and in secret…. Great, just like when I was in high school.. Several teens [me being one of them] being chased out of the back stairwells for cutting class…. And we weren’t trading school notes?

I am not promoting kids have sex… God forbid, I have a little girl. But give us a break. Where is the UCLA to fight for the rights of the oppressed. Next thing you know, we wont be able to hug in the mall. I’m going to go give my son a hug right now, please don’t call the Police…………

Growing up to fast for me

You know your child is growing up when they start to do more and more things for themselves. It’s a great feeling and a relief. I remember I couldn’t wait for the potty training so we could lose the diapers. Then I couldn’t wait for him to be able to go to the bathroom on his own. Now he wants to do everything on his own - very independent little guy. He says he wants to brush his teeth, take a bath, use the bathroom, even get dressed on his own.

Just one question son: “Why are you wearing your big sisters pajama shorts?

Don’t grow up to fast, I’ll miss you needing me.

Update: 2012 January 21
My son is now 8 years old, wow how time flies by. He is still as cute as a button and a very independent person. He has learned how to ham it up to use his cuteness to get people to do things for him. He still has the same face, big head [ all kids do ] and attitude. I love that kid.

Am I a cool or Bad Parent ???

You know my kids have a cool parent, because I am a video game buff.
When my daughters friends talk about Halo - Hey I am up with that.
After all, I am an old-timer [ can’t believe I said that]. I was there
when the first Atari video game console came out, I bought the second
game console ever created “Collico”. Then came Nintendo, sega , sega genesis,
super Nintendo, Playstation, X-box , the Wii and all the upgraded versions on
the now current top game consoles.

I feel good when my little girl says, hey lets play a game together and
be it monopoly or Halo, I am up to the challenge of monopoly and the skills
needed to blow away some ugly alien butt. But I find myself wondering one

Is it normal to have my three year old saying “I want to play, so I can Kill you” ???

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