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A floating Dutchman in DC ??

I personally don’t believe in magic, I hold strong to the idea
that it’s a trade secret full of highly secret techniques. But
you have to admit that “The Floating Dutchman” has pulled of a
great magic trick. Just watch the video - it’s surprising.


bloggo said...

I always thought levitation was hocus pocus. This video has me starting to wonder if I could have been wrong.

Anonymous said...

that's insane?! Does anybody know how this could possibly be done?

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I know the "secret" but I propose that it's just an illusion created by the use of physics and engineering. The placement of the bamboo pole to left of his lower thigh is highly suspect and I believe the tell tale sign of a trick. I suspect that the bamboo pole conceals a rod that is attached to a heavy base conveniently concealed under the carpet. He sits on an extension of the pole/rod. This is simply a physics problem but a cool looking trick.

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