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Do bald people need shampoo? Another Social site?

Do bald people need shampoo? Good question. When Yuchen Long, 14, posted this question on the beta version of a new site called Wisdom on Monday, she got 63 answers in less than three hours, but no clear consensus: while 77% of respondents said no, 23% clicked yes. All those votes made Long's query one of the most popular on this new breed of social networking site that aims to bring people together based not on their school (as in Facebook), sexy pictures (MySpace) or job (LinkedIn), but rather on their own sense of humor and knack for keeping virtual conversations flowing.

Described by TIME Magazine as "your next web obsession", Wisdom is where you share answers to life's questions, large and small.

Wisdom is FREE, easy and fun. Have a question? Ask the crowd. Connect with compatible minds. Share your words of Wisdom.

Why is Wisdom Wicked Fun?

Answer intriguing questions & be part of the of the crowds.

The fun of a skill game PLUS the insight of others.

Ask the Audience: Thousands are waiting now to answer YOUR question.

Connect with like-minds: Find others passionate about your favorite topics. is a collaborative community coming together to explore life’s ‘more interesting’ questions.
The primary form of interaction is a question, which members take care to formulate for a yes or no response. In addition to asking and answering quickly with a 'simple' yes or no, members post written answers and comments to questions developing dialog and vigorous debate.
The community is, for the most part, self-policing. The dominant culture or collective psyche of the community is to “question everything” and express opinion. does not require users to declare their identity - believes in the power of anonymity to encourage wide ranging and honest debate. was launched in May-2007 to good review and feedback from, amongst others,

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