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don't call me Black or Brown - presidential hopefuls....

Is it me or don't you think that the ACLU should be called against many of these Presidential candidates or atleast the reports who blantanly say - that the candidates are seeking the "black" and "Brown" vote?

Let me get this straight - a hangsman nose is wrong? The word Ni**R is wrong if a white man says it....? And refering to people by color is wrong.... except when it comes to the presidential elections??????

Since when was my vote considered a color? Why are the democrates chasing after the "color" vote if they are supposed to be for the common people- "aint we colored folk common folk?"

I don't know about you but I find it strange that no one has "NOT ONE" compliant about the news or candidates demeaning voters [ people] and associating them or grouping them by color. NO, not one people standing up saying - Hey that sounds racist....?

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