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Make Money with Digg vote - Black Marketing??

Making Money with digg by voting - Black marketing ??

Is your vote for sale???? Is Digg and StunbleUpon under attack?
Found on their about page on a WordPress blog : Subvert and Profit -
The Black Marketing Blog
Quote: “ Subvert and Profit was created to let Digg users make easy money
and provide cheap, alternative advertising for content-pushers”
[ ** no link to site will be giving as to not to seem I am promoting it]

Apparently Digg and Stumble upon are under attack. By whom - who knows -
which begs the question why trust anything this “black” marketing company has
to say. But the draw of easy money calls many.
That’s right, they offer the unsuspecting individual who simply wants to do what
everyone else wants to do - make money online. They draw you in with the promise
of making easy money by subverting the very rules that are made to help Digg and
Stumble upon users - fair and impartial voting on articles or websites. [ ok, everyone
has a bias reason for voting on these sites like Digg - but these guys openly promote
buying your precious vote].

When you visit the FQA page - the first thing they mention is - the question of
“illegal” act - they say no, it’s not illegal you wont get arrested but you can be banned.
Then the next question and answer covers the fear of being banned by stating they
offer tricks and tips to help you avoid this…?

Now considering that Digg is one of the largest social book marking sites online - I wonder
what effect this has on their voting system.

I personally always wondered why and How? An individual can submit a site to
and in five minutes that digg would have more than 20, 50, even 100 votes in favor of
the submitted DiGG???

Does this mean that many of the top rated digg submission could be from companies like
these that have bought the votes of many seeking a quick and easy buck? It brings doubt
and concerns about what Digg can do for me? For anyone who is honestly simply trying to
follow the rules. Be it an affiliate promoting an article they have worked hard to write or a
fan who just wants to Digg a cool story??? Or worst - am I so ignorant that I don’t realize
that everyone except me and a few are not scamming the system?

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