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Do the Rich care about your Finances????

The video below shows a family that says they are already in a recession.
I tend to agree with them - but I believe the country is in a mild recession leading to a much larger one.

The Government is always saying it's a personal responsibility to save - then they tell us to go out and spend to help the economy.

When poor people spend beyond their means its called "irresponsibility" on their part. When the middle class spends beyond their means it's called a crisis or recession. Why?

Could it be that the saying - the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is true? While all the news is either about a country wide recession - what people fail to realize is that a recession means the "Rich people" wont be making money. That’s right you heard me.

The poor are already lacking money.
The middle class support the economy by spending beyond their means.
And the rich depend on the poor to spend what little they have and the middle class to believe that their over spending wont catch up to them.

What happens in a recession? The poor are left to resort to poverty - nothing new. But instead of buying a game they spend what little they have on just surviving. The middle class realize they can no longer over spend and go into survival mode - while they may have more than just eating on their mind, they begin to cut spending and even luxuries in order to do what they should have done in the beginning. Spend wisely and be conscious of what their priorities are.

That leaves us with the Rich. If people reduce spending - that means Wal-Mart can't sell as much monthly. That means less people see movies at the theater and actors don't make as much and so on. So while they don't go hungry and can still afford millions of frivolous spending - they prefer to have large margins of revenue rather than less.

Plain English - instead of being happy with thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly in income - they want you to sacrifice your financial future and well being so they can have millions of income a month. . . . . . . .

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