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Hillary breaks - do you want a president that cries when thier losing?

Is Hillary Clinton playing the Female card already?

falling behind Boraka Obama in the primaries, strong Hillary now plays the sex card.... The oh look at me I'm hurt, weak, and the ever so popular - Quote: "We make two steps forward in this country and some people want to make us go five steps back". I think she is referring to the first ever woman President hope. Which to me is a definite play on sexism [ that because she is a woman people don't vote for her].

I don't know about you but other countries and especially the terrorist wont fall for that "oh be gentle I'm a woman crap"... Especially since her stance has been, look at me I'm as strong if not stronger than most men. It's a little to late to play the sympathy card and wrong profession to cry foul about people being unfair to woman. If you were a woman would you want a strong President even if it were a woman?

I wouldn't vote for Hillary based on passed lies and history - but even I can't stand to see her whine - go down if you have to Hillary but go down fighting.

Jan. 7 - An emotional Hillary Clinton pushed for support on Monday as polls showed her poised for a huge New Hampshire loss to Democratic rival Barack Obama.
At a campaign event in Portsmouth, Clinton choked up and grew uncharacteristically emotional as she talked about her reasons for seeking the presidency in the November election.

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Bern said...

Human emotion is important.Crying is human emotion, so is strength. I don't want a president who is elected because of race. I don't want a president who is a great salesman and is a disaster like Bush, who sold his country into war and a disasterous economy. I want a president who has the experience to lead this country back to normality. Do you?

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