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War of Confusion not Racism

War of confusion not Racism

Here we go again. The political tool of confusion and not issues. The Presidential candidates have been touting that they are the candidate of change. The candidate that will do away with the status quo and bring about true change and deal with real issues. Now while racism is an issue - the argument here is not about racism - but rather who can make the other look bad with out seeming to be casting a smear like campaign.

Not only is this the first time in history that we have a woman or an African American as candidates for the Presidency - people actually believe they have a chance to win. But instead of dealing with the issues and the necessary change our country needs - we fall back on the same old ploy - confusion. Confusion of what did he or she say or mean and that they are racist or not. Bill Clinton offending people by calling Obama a kid and his ideas “Fairy tale”. While Obama’s group says that Hillary offended African Americans by diminishing the work of Martin Luther King.

So what are we faced with - more nonsense - instead of dealing with issues - Hillary is on the Tyra Bank show talking about Pop culture - like if that in some way makes her less racist to those who were offended??? I personally would not vote for Hillary and probably not for Obama - but if we want a real president, be it democrat, republican or independent - we should worry about their experience, track record, voting record, and history. Because they can pay lip service all they want, but when they get to the white house - that’s when we will see the real person come out.

You want to know if Hillary is pro-African American - look at her track record, how did she vote in the past. You want to know if she is a liar - compare how she voted to what she says now. Voted pro war - spouting anti war now because it’s not popular. And do the same for each candidate. Then you will know who is the better candidate.

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