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Beef recall - did you know????

Beef Recall??

I love meat, meat is a major part of all my meals. In fact, my daughter tells me we are carnivore [ like dinosaurs ] because we prefer to eat meat all the time. So when I heard about this "beef" meat recall I wanted to know more.

What I've learned concerns me more about what happened, how it was handled - more than the possibility of the meat tainted scare did.

Consider this:
This possible meat that is being recalled - goes as far back as 2006.
* so much for quality controls.....

Also, most of the meat went to schools.
* Our system is so broken that the smallest and most defenseless of our society were in harms way and we didn't know it.

The only reason this recall is public is because a video of the "fallen - unable to stand" cows was leaked to public.
* I am no conspiracy junkie - but finding out that the only reason this - "the largest beef recall" ever was made only because a video was leaked to public is concerning. If it had not, would they have said anything? would they have even called for a recall?

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