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Crash Proof - facing America's recession

I've been terribly sick the last four days and so while bed ridden - lets just say I've watched way to much tv. Especially on the possible recession that America is facing, may face and has the government working so hard to avoid.

I have to say, I don't know about you, but I find myself working harder everyday trying to find new ways to cut back on my expenses. I don't know why the news, our government - for that matter we the people don't realize that America - the real America is already in a recession.

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As I laid in bed sneezing, coughing and hacking up - well you know…I watched the news talk about how high gas prizes have effected travel and how the 911 terrorist laws make it difficult for foreigners to come to America to spend their money. I read in the news paper about county budget cuts, I read this morning how New Jersey wants to cut thousand of state jobs in one swoop.

I don't think we're facing a possible recession, I think America - the average Joe America is in a recession. But I have to say, it's our own fault. We as Americans took for granted the great economy we were having. So what did we do, we spent more, saved less and leveraged everything that had value. Also, we allowed greed to move us, we still have people who need to sell their home but wont because their still waiting for that willing buyer to pay 2002 -2005 over inflated price. It's not going to happen.

Personally, we as a people as an individual need to face facts. The check your waiting for from the government will not help. Stop spending, save more. Things are going to get worst for you and I before they ever get better.

The only option you have is - make more money, spend less, save as much as you can.

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