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The Forgotten WAR ??

If you ran your business or your household and family like Politicians run a war [ the world for that matter] you would find yourself in a hopeless spiral towards destruction.
Not because I am opposed to the war in Iraq or in Afghanistan - but because lives hang on the balance and politicians are more worried about "Popularity" contest rather than resolve.

Take for instance our current presidential Candidates - in the news, when everyone thought the Iraq war was going bad and we had no hope many of the candidates were calling for retreat, surrender, to run away because we were fighting a useless battle. I guess, the lives that were lost are not as important as finishing the job to insure that their lives were not taken in vain. But rather that their political lives would not be lost.

Now we hear very little on the war especially from those who oppose it - why? Because we're winning! Oh, what a surprise?? Now that it seems that we're on top and have everything in control - now no one [ out load in the political race ] that opposed the war - has anything to say.....

If you oppose the war or agree with it, or understand that we're in it and can't just walk out of it - is not the issue here. The issue is how politicians have mocked the very foundations of this country. Why do I say they "Mocked" our foundations. Because the reason for serving your country in any official capacity - be it solider or politician - is that in your service - you are willing to give your life for your country, what it stands for and what you believe. But while our solders went to fight a war that politicians voted yes for, our politicians didn't have the balls [ forgive me] to stand behind their resolve. Not willing to sacrifice their political lives in the name of our country, or stand behind their beliefs when they voted yes.

Obama says something in his speech [as he runs for presidential nomination] - that they can't say that he voted for the war and then opposed the war. Translation - that he is a man of character and resolve. McCain says in his speeches [as he runs] that he voted for the war and will stand for the soldiers [ even while every one hated him while all was thought loss]. You have to remember this - we vote, we live, and we die by what we believe in, stand for and America - the world in fact, will never be a wonderful place if the politicians of the world care for nothing less than their own political agendas.

Politics has become a game of popularity. We have fallen into the trap, easily believing what some of these politicians promise us is what they will do. No, we have become so complacent as a nation, as a people - that all we want is to hear what we want to hear, as we go home to complain about what we don't have.

America the beautiful, America the great - with blood and courage we fought to preserve liberty and then sold it for fun................

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