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Remember not to be weak when in need

It's easy to forget that everyone that says they want to help - is honestly trying to help. lets face it, when your drowning it's hard for you to stop and consider - who is giving you a hand. When your drowning, all your looking for is any hand that appears to be outstretched enough to help. That is when you usually get burned, sometimes burned badly.

I’m still hocked up on medication and I know I shouldn’t sign over the deed to my house to anyone.

It happens to everyone. Crooks are not as stupid as portrayed in movies. They come in all shapes and forms. they are every smart enough to build professional appearances and even legal entities. It's stories like the one above - that proves no matter how good a helping hand may be - ask questions, do background checks, don't take a friends word over your gut feeling. And as always - if it sounds to good to be true - it's not good for you.

Lets face it your drowning, if your going to go down - go with dignity.

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