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LOST Parody #3- Harry Potter?!

With Season 4 of LOST now on a month hiatus, you have to wonder what the Losties are up to during the break. Created by Benny & Rafi Fine

Getting your child ready for RETIREMENT???

You might think it's funny, but you could help your child today get ready for retirement. It's not crazy and personally - being one who is in the "financial planner" field you could start it as simple as $25 to $50 a month. Since your child is yougn and has 40 to 50 years to sock away money - even a small amount benefits them.

The hard part is getting them to continue saving for retirment once thier old enough to do it on thier own.

Another Stingray death? Scary / don't go in water!!!

You know as sad as this is, I wish I knew about this the other day. I sell life insurance and as I explian to the individual - "ROP" means you get all your money back. This persons attitude - hey I have a long time to live. Well - so did this woman. She was enjoying life when a stingray jumped onto her boat and killed her. What a way to go.

When I get "MAD" back up buddy......But,need control?

Usually when I get mad - I just let it out. Or I let it simmer, boil, fester inside until I explode on my unsuspecting annoying victim. but I am told there are better ways to handle anger - so lets see what they are?

Let’s examine the alternatives for anger management:

I. You can attend an anger management class.

By employing various mental techniques, anger management classes attempt to help you see differently the situations that have caused you anger and to change your thinking processes. This can be helpful; however, these mental techniques often only mask the true cause of your losing control of your anger. Most people are unable to maintain these temporary benefits in controlling their anger.

II. You can see a counselor.

Seeing a counselor definitely has its benefits. A counselor can sometimes help you see differently the situations that have caused you anger and help change your thinking processes that have to do with the supposed causes of your anger. But they can't always easily help you eliminate the inner cause. Often, it`s difficult to find someone you trust and can work well with.

III. You can get therapy.

Next to The Sedona Method, therapy has the highest likelihood of producing a lasting change in your relationship with anger. The problem with therapy alone is that it is often a long, costly and painful process, sometimes creating a dependent relationship with the therapist.

IV. Your key to going beyond anger management—The Sedona Method.

Although anger management classes, counseling and therapy do seem to work in helping you move in the direction of anger management, you will find there is a better way: The Sedona Method. The Sedona Method will show you how to rid yourself of the inner cause of unwanted anger. The Sedona Method is a powerful and complete system on its own that can also be used to get more out of any other program for anger management.
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Woman locked in Bathroom 2 years!!!! ????

Woman locked in bathroom 2YEARS!!!

Let me just start off by saying - "why on Gods green earth did this man wait two years to get help for his girlfriend?" Come on, you think about it - he said [in the video below] they lived a normal life except that they did everything in the bathroom???
Like what? Eat, sleep, talk, .....SEX?????
That’s not NORMAL - you retard...!!

I Believe the police should consider charges of abuse or neglect. This woman must have some mental issues if she would come out of the bathroom. Didn’t he find it strange, odd. What about her friends, neighbors??? Doesn’t anyone find it strange. Boy, I can’t help it, but her boyfriend must be real kinky to want to always do it in the bathroom ........

Kid Kidnaps his own Mom?????

I read in the newspaper how a 13 year old boy held his mother captive against her will. Imagine that - your child charged by a court of law for "Kidnapping" and the victim, his Mom!!!!!
[ see copy of news clip below ]

This is why I believe in discipline and in "corporal" punishment. I believe that your child should have a healthy dose of respect for his/her parent and some fear too.

Fear of punishment will help your child to listen when thier small and respect you when thier big [ that is if your respectable ]. The facts are that my children will grow, will get stronger and I , well I will grow old and weaker.

I've seen parents in NY who basically lost all control of thier children and it sad to see the children run the home and worst - to see a child beat up on a parent.

Do you think she was wrong for calling the COPS?
If I were her, they would have called the cops on me to rip his dead corps from my closed fist..........

Police: Kid Kidnaps Mom

By Joe Seelig of Highlands Today
Published: March 10, 2008

SEBRING — A 13-year-old child was turned over to the custody of his mother after she called 911 and authorities charged the boy with kidnapping her and threatening to beat her for disciplining him.
The Sebring Middle School student reportedly got in trouble in school on March 6, and went to his mother, a Woodlawn Elementary teacher, to contact his school and bail him out, according to a Highlands County Sheriff's Office arrest report.
When she didn't take his side, the boy had a temper tantrum and began breaking her personal items in her office, the report stated. The mother then decided to discipline him at home, the report stated.
After being told he was grounded, the mother began unplugging his personal electronic devices to remove them from his room, the report stated.
The child, who reportedly is taller than his mother and out-weighs her by 25 pounds, had another fit of anger, blocking the door to his room. He then told his mother to put his stuff back, the report stated.
He reportedly clenched his fists on five occasions and refused to let his mother leave his room.
The mother dialed 911 on her cell phone because she was forcibly being held prisoner, the report stated.
According to the sheriff's deputy, the child admitted to standing in front of the door and blocking his mom's way.
He reportedly told the deputy that he knew his mother was afraid of him and that he has thought about hitting her before. He remembered being angry, but could not remember if he clenched his fists, the report stated.
Kidnapping or false imprisonment is a third-degree felony and assault with intent or threat to do violence is a second-degree misdemeanor.
The child was scheduled to appear before the Department of Juvenile Justice on Monday, according to the Sheriff's Central Records Department. The outcome of those proceedings are kept confidential.

This guy has balls !!!

Can you Imagine an open "White Supremist" KKK store selling products
in a predominant black area and the store front is owned by a African
American Baptist Church......
I am amazed he hasn't gotten his butt whooped yet!!!

Don't trust anyone - Am I wrong?

In the video below they are warning the elder about a new system crooks have. Nice appearance, clean cut, and smooth talking friendly criminals that chat you up while the partner robs you blind.
Maybe it's because I come from NY, or because as a kid I was a small time thief - or maybe I just don't trust anyone I don't know for more than 5 years..... but I suspect that it's safer to be on guard than relaxed. I'm not saying be anti-social just don't be so trusting.
After all - we tell our children not to talk to strangers and be aware of their surrounding but we adults walk around like if nothing could happen to us - that is until it does. I remember when I first moved to Florida - people would leave their front door unlocked or their garage open and even their cars unlocked. Talk about an open invitation.
My better half says that I'm just anti-social - I say I just work to hard to have someone walk away with my stuff because I was to lazy to keep an eye on them.
Am I wrong???

out living your money - who wants to get old?

Considering that last week I was so sick I thought I was going to die - being concerned about out living my money is not on the top of my list. After all - you have to have money to worry about out living it. *** see video below ***
I remember living in the mean streets of brooklyn NY - I thought I would not live pass the age of tweenty five [ yes I was a bad kid ]. But here I am past thirty and feeling older by the minute.
Personally - I understand the concept and I even sell these options - but I personally belive in the second option - where you have more control - unless you have $50,000 to invest that you don't need and your family has a history of living past 75 or 80 years of age you may want to consider this.

My grandparents lived to be 90 years old - I don't know if I even want to be that old........

Sick or Dieing?????

You know, when your sick and you find yourself at three in the morning having a hard time breathing and you feel like your drowning in your own bed - you can’t help but think - "Am I going to die???? "

Like the average person - I do not welcome death.

I have so much to live for. If only to grow old, see my kids grow up, get married, and see my grand kids…. So even though I believe in heaven - I don’t want to be on the fast track to eternity. But when you think of death - you usually think of life insurance.

There are two problems with life insurance -
One: you the insured has to die. . . Again, not looking forward to that at an early age.

Second: You pay out all this money and on the average - you live to atleast the ripe old age of 65 to 70 years old. At seventy - I’d probably would be welcoming eternity………. But who wants to spend $50 dollars a month up to $12,000 dollars over thirty years and live - knowing full well you can’t get that money back?!

But I have good news!

I found insurance of $250k for a term of 30 years and [ heaven help me] when I live passed the term - I get ALL MY MONEY [ premium payments ] back...... . . Yea baby, I like that idea. It wont feel like I wasted my money. I know - life insurance is a protection plan - a what if… Just like car insurance -you don’t want it till you need it.

But the guarantee that [when I live] passed the term [ 30 years] and I’m 60 something years old and my kids are grown, married, with children - I’ll get my money back and take a long great vacation before I go meet the great beyond ........ . .

Better off in America

You know, people are always complaining how bad it is here in America. yet they know nothing about the rest of the world.
I've been sick the last 2 weeks and I've seen way to much TV. The problem is that I hear all these news cast on how America needs to be more like our foreign friends. Our Allies have so much better policies.... yet their people want to be Americans. Want to come to live in America.....

Take for instance the video below... Women who become "widows" are basically sent off to a "holy city' to die. Outcaste by their families who don't want to pay to take care of them - "thanks for raising me Mom, hope you die quick..." And a government who doesn't want to pass one law to protect women’s rights - wait they have no rights. Bunch of Basta**** excuse. Can't help it, my dear old dad abandoned my family when I was a kid and my mother sacrificed her whole life to help raise us and give us a better life.

But hey - lets be more like our overseas friends where women have no rights, their young people are on drugs or need drugs and the government controls your life..... Hey gee why is it that people want to move here but few people want to leave the US to live there????????

Long live the Queen, long live dictatorship and depression - hey lets get government health medical plan like the Canadians who come here looking for medical help…….. Are we so stupid???

Mar. 4 - Shunned by society, Indian widows flock to holy city waiting to die

Treated as outcasts - many Indian widows seek sanctuary in the holy city of Vrindavan. There they pray and eat uncooked rice while waiting to die.

Siddhartha Dubey reports.
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