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Better off in America

You know, people are always complaining how bad it is here in America. yet they know nothing about the rest of the world.
I've been sick the last 2 weeks and I've seen way to much TV. The problem is that I hear all these news cast on how America needs to be more like our foreign friends. Our Allies have so much better policies.... yet their people want to be Americans. Want to come to live in America.....

Take for instance the video below... Women who become "widows" are basically sent off to a "holy city' to die. Outcaste by their families who don't want to pay to take care of them - "thanks for raising me Mom, hope you die quick..." And a government who doesn't want to pass one law to protect women’s rights - wait they have no rights. Bunch of Basta**** excuse. Can't help it, my dear old dad abandoned my family when I was a kid and my mother sacrificed her whole life to help raise us and give us a better life.

But hey - lets be more like our overseas friends where women have no rights, their young people are on drugs or need drugs and the government controls your life..... Hey gee why is it that people want to move here but few people want to leave the US to live there????????

Long live the Queen, long live dictatorship and depression - hey lets get government health medical plan like the Canadians who come here looking for medical help…….. Are we so stupid???

Mar. 4 - Shunned by society, Indian widows flock to holy city waiting to die

Treated as outcasts - many Indian widows seek sanctuary in the holy city of Vrindavan. There they pray and eat uncooked rice while waiting to die.

Siddhartha Dubey reports.

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