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Sick or Dieing?????

You know, when your sick and you find yourself at three in the morning having a hard time breathing and you feel like your drowning in your own bed - you can’t help but think - "Am I going to die???? "

Like the average person - I do not welcome death.

I have so much to live for. If only to grow old, see my kids grow up, get married, and see my grand kids…. So even though I believe in heaven - I don’t want to be on the fast track to eternity. But when you think of death - you usually think of life insurance.

There are two problems with life insurance -
One: you the insured has to die. . . Again, not looking forward to that at an early age.

Second: You pay out all this money and on the average - you live to atleast the ripe old age of 65 to 70 years old. At seventy - I’d probably would be welcoming eternity………. But who wants to spend $50 dollars a month up to $12,000 dollars over thirty years and live - knowing full well you can’t get that money back?!

But I have good news!

I found insurance of $250k for a term of 30 years and [ heaven help me] when I live passed the term - I get ALL MY MONEY [ premium payments ] back...... . . Yea baby, I like that idea. It wont feel like I wasted my money. I know - life insurance is a protection plan - a what if… Just like car insurance -you don’t want it till you need it.

But the guarantee that [when I live] passed the term [ 30 years] and I’m 60 something years old and my kids are grown, married, with children - I’ll get my money back and take a long great vacation before I go meet the great beyond ........ . .

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