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Anything today is called "ART"

Are these people sick or what?
Has the art world fallen so much that any moron with no talent can come up with a crazy scheem and call it "art"....???

Just thinking of this Lice exhibition is making me scratch my head - no really, I think I cuaght something.
Man, i bet if I took a pile of "Dung" [crap ] and smeared it on the wall, someone in this crazy world would call it art and buy it for thousands of dollars [ wait, that's an idea........]

Are you ready for STIMULUS check ??

For the most part, every one I've spoken to about the stimulus check and what they will do with it, basically have the same response.... They plan to catch up on bills or save it.

I myself hope to save it, if I can. So much for stimulating the economy. After all, that's the whole point of this money - the government wants you to spend.....

My issue with this is - this is not free money - it's sort of an advance on your next years tax return. Also, I know they said in the news that if only half of the people that receive this stimulus check spend their money - it will improve the economy three or four months later. Or should I say, the results will be seen three or four months later. Great for the presidential candidates and congress who want good news to help themselves get re-elected, but it really doesn't do anything for you and me. Unless the economy improves - all these checks do is give false hope....

So what will you do with your check???

Raw video - Elephant Rampage

WARNING: This report contains graphic material.

Apr. 23 - An elephant has killed three people, including a 75 year old woman during a rampage at a temple festival in India's southern Kerala.The elephant suddenly became violent and ran amok, trampling and goring people at the temple. The animal was eventually tranquillized.

WOW that's gross and Cool!!!

I don't know about you, but I gag trying to swallow a small pill, I don't think I can swallow a sword! And forget about shoving a balloon thru my nose and out my mouth. besides, what about your buggers on that balloon....yuk!

Tell me if you would want to learn to do this....?

I feel so dumb...........

I owned a Rubix cube way back in the 1980's - and i couldn't solve it then. My duaghter bought one last month and wanted my help - and I still can't solve the darn thing. I've been working on ti a littel each day for three weeks. but Ofcourse - here is a five year old french kid who can solve this darn puzzle in less than 2 minutes. I hate you little boy....

Can you solve the Rubix's cube ???

Raw Video: Pipe Bomb Blast Injures Two

I feel bad becuase they got hurt. But you really have to wonder what the hell were these people thinking/

Look if I even play with firecrackers i'm afriad of blowing off a finger - these guys had a pipe bomb! I wonder - will they get arrested for having illegal explosive on top off getting hurt? And do you think they should??????

A Social Site that helps you SAVE MONEY????

I don't know about this?
The Social site thing is getting used for everything now a days....

But I guess if it helps you save money - go for it. Personally I know a lot of other better ways to save money. The question is, "will people go for it"? If millions of americans join a social site that's all about how they can save money - I don't see the attraction...??? After all, when you think of social sites you don't think of a piggy bank Smarty Pig - you think myspace, facebook, and all the nudity and adult wanna be porn sites people

Here's SmartyPig!
We are extremely excited to introduce what we feel to be the most innovative, educational and rewarding way to save - ever. We call it “Simple, Smart, Savings.” We’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same way. See, SmartyPig is not only a snap to use and is as secure as any other bank, SmartyPig will help you get more for your savings dollar than you ever thought possible.

In these scary economic times when credit card debt is skyrocketing, we feel the best way to help reverse the trend is to go back to the way things used to be. In our demo we ask the question, “Remember when you were a kid, and in order to buy something you had to save up?” In a nutshell, that is the idea behind SmartyPig. We want to help you get back on track. Phase out those credit cards. Set goals. Sensibly save up for them. Go back to the way it used to be... And be rewarded like never before for doing so.

We aren’t suggesting you leave your current bank or to stop saving for the things you are already saving for like retirement or your kids’ education or even your emergency fund. We just want to offer you a way to stop and smell the roses. You can start saving today for the holidays or a family vacation or a kitchen remodel without the worry of looming credit card debt - the kind that takes someone paying the minimum monthly amount on $1,000 more than 20 years to pay off.

So please explore the site, open an account, and if you find the experience to be rewarding, tell your friends and family members. For specific savings goals, we truly believe you’ll find SmartyPig to be the most rewarding way to go.

Feel free to contact us at anytime. And please enjoy the experience of Simple, Smart Savings.

- The SmartyPig Team

8 arrested in filmed beating of teenage girl ??

Is it youtube, becoming popular thru online video or hope of stardome that people do such stupid acts. The assualt on the girl is bad enough... [ that's the reason I am over protective with my children ] ... but to think that they filmed this act of violence in hopes of becoming popular online???? Are they evil and stupid!

*** Personally, I would have told my duaghter to fight back. ***

This girl should have picked up something hard, sharp or deadly and wacked one of her attackers. And this dad - sorry, But I would not have been so calm. I probably would have been arrested for beating the shit out of my duaghters attackers.....

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