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Space Toilet ??? not like Star trek......

Going to the bathroom has a whole new meaning in space. But I find all the floating acrobatic stuns the guy is doing in the video to be more interesting.

Chasing the Cheese ???

Chasing cheese down a hill - interesting.
You know, when I was trying to figure out what me and the kids could do for fun this long three day week end - chasing cheese down a hill was not one of my ideas.

May 27 - The wind and rain didn't stop thousands of people watching the annual cheese roll in Gloucestershire, England.
Competitors from around the world flocked to Gloucestershire to take part in a sporting event with a difference, the giant cheese roll.
As the cheese rolled down the hill, dozens of people ran, slipped and tumbled after it. Paramedics were on the scene to assist the injured and mud-covered competitors.
Cheese rolling is thought to date back centuries. During rationing between 1941 and 1954, the wheel of cheese had to be substituted with a wooden circle containing a token piece of cheese inside.

Indiana Jones - yea baby!

The first time I saw an Indiana Jones movie was in my first year of highschool. I took an arts class - thought it was easy - and the teacher showed us the first movie - Indiana Jones. Ofcourse he then proceeded to talk all the mystery out of the movie as he showed us the inner workings of special efforts and errors he found in the movie.

But it didn't matter, this movie and this class strated me on mu movie buff journey. I know Indy is 70 years old and the stunts were done by someone else - but I can't wait to see this movie. SEE THE TRAILER BELOW!

My duaghter is looking forward to seeing it - I think I'll take the cammera and capture her excitment after the movie. I took her to see starwars episode one thru three - she loved it. I think she cuaght my love for movies.

Financial success is easier than you think

Financial success is easier than you think

How do we know? For nearly a decade, we attended self-help and personal development seminars AND read all kinds of self-help books, trying to dig ourselves out of a very deep and discouraging financial hole. We prayed for help and tried to do the things we felt God wanted us to do. In fact, we were so committed to figuring out how to change our thinking that we spent grocery money to attend seminars and even put ourselves into debt for it... However, I (Leslie) became so depressed and angry because all we wanted was for me to be able to stay home with the children, and to keep our financial promises on time... but even after all we invested in our learning, nothing really changed.

Have you ever felt frustrated and desperate for relief?

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Wii to get fit or just Dangerous

I like the Wii - I’m not a die hard fan of the console but it’s cute and kind of fun. But personally - I think their kind of Dangerous. Not because of the video I posted about the wii handle cracking open someone skull when it slip out of someone’s hand in a heated game. But because in the real world - people have been getting hurt.

I had a friend break a finger because he got a bit involved in his baseball swing. I had a friend tell me her father injured his back trying to bowl a perfect strike. Heck, my brother-in-law owns a wii and my son smack me in the head while he was playing that boxing game. So yes, I think the Wii is a bit dangerous. Ofcourse now the have it - or should I say promote it as a way of getting people fit [ meaning exercise ]. Well let me say this - get might get a coach potatoes off their butt - but I wouldn’t call that much of a work out.

Giving you the FINGER !

Life can be hard, but for those who really work at it - money and fame can be accomplished. ofcourse with a crazy world like ours, it doesn't take much to get 15 minutes worth of fame.
I myself have seen the Indian gentlemen who suffers crucial pain in his arm because his fame is growing his nails to an extremely long length [ creepy]. I've seen the videos of the man that can swallow cue balls and lock and unlock pad locks inside his stomach [ damn, I find it hard just swallowing a pill......]
But this man has made his fame and income on the strength of one finger. he can crack open a coconut with his index finger. WOW!

Would you pay 30 million for this piece of ART?

Oh the things I would do if I had $30 million dollars to spend. life would be so different. i would probably spend my money on silly stupid things - but not on this piece of Art?
Would you?

A Lucien Freud painting scoops the world record for the highest price paid for a work by a living artist.

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping went for a whopping $33.6 million at Christie's in New York, shattering the previous record by $10 million set last November.

Paul Chapman reports.

Meet Freud's million dollar muse

Sue Tilley, a government worker in the UK, finds herself in the spotlight after her Lucien Freud portrait goes on the market with an estimated value of up to 35 million dollars (USD).

3 months FREE webhosting

Well, I broke down and got myself a website - hip hip horray !?!

Well, I only got it becuase they said I would get three months FREE. And yes, I could not pass on the "FREE" offer. Ofcourse it wasn't totally free - after all there is always a catch. Well in this case a hook.

Well, once you start the process they ask you if you have a "Domain Name" - I didn't so that cost me $9.95 [ so much for free] - but I need a domian name in order to have a site so it's a given.

Then comes all the hooks - do you want a "cart'? Do you want email security, and so on... ofcourse being cheap and already angry that my free three month site was not really free - I choose not to get any of the expensive add on's. So here I am, writing to you on my free google blog, wondering what the hell am I going to do with this website - didn't think that far.........

Lisa Nova does 300

This is a sick funny video!

I wonder sometimes where people find the time to do these crazy videos, but I'm glad this one was made - I enjoyed it ! Probably better than the movie....

What do you think????

Comic book features HIV heroes

I love comics books, I have a large collection nicely stored away - but I don't think this is a good idea?

May 8 - A comic book called "O+Men" features heroes with HIV in a bid to raise awareness of HIV.

The comic book series neither disdains the heroes nor glamorizes them.

Fred Katayama reports from New York.

SOUNDBITE: Robert Walker, "O+MEN" Creator

China cares about Olympics more than death of children ???

I guess China will never change. We're concerned about lead and the safety of our children. China - well, who cares if children die - lets make that green back. Well, Olympics, but then again that’s what the Olympics mean to most countries - MONEY!

The Olympics is a big cash cow and that's why countries try so hard to get it - but it amazes me that this countries official is so blatantly open about his "unconcern" about these children’s plight and death - because it shouldn't effect the Olympics?????

24 Chinese Children die of Virus

A common illness that typically causes little more than a fever and rash has killed 24 children in China, and health officials fear the worst may be yet to come as outbreaks occur in neighboring countries.

China's Health Ministry issued a nationwide alert over the weekend after the enterovirus 71 virus, or EV-71, which causes hand, foot and mouth disease, infected more than 4,500 children in central Anhui province.

Vietnam and Singapore also have seen a increase in cases linked to EV-71.

The outbreak in China comes as the country gears up for the Olympic Games. But Hans Troedsson, The World Health Organization's country representative for China, said the disease should not disrupt the Beijing games, which start Aug. 8.

What a stupid world !!!

How stupid do you have to be to get arrested? Apperently - not that stupid after all. One man decides to slap, hit a baby camel on a dare - the other man, well he messed up a car jacking and decided to make his get away in a golf cart. yes, I said golf cart... hey stupid, a golf cart only goes 4 miles per hour, the cops could have had donuts and coffee and stil caught you. Moron.....

What are people thinking - I guess we don't have to worry about super villians here in america.

Baby Dropped 15 feet ?? Ritual ???

Well, this one has left me for a loss of words. I can't believe people actually throw thier babies off a fifteen tfeet tall tower as a ritual of health and luck.

Waht is more suprissing is the fact that the authorities do nothing about it??

What do you think?????????

When you should use a stun gun - they don't!

Below We have Raw video of an attack of a prosecutor - in of all places - in court. The convicted criminal for some reason was not handcuffed when he entered the court room and he proceeded to attack the prosecutor [ which looks to be a woman ].

my question is - Where is the stun gun?

Lately in the news we've been hearing how police officers have been abusing the use of stun guns and using them when not necessary to subdue potential threats. like the officer who was 200 pounds heavier than a skinny woman - and “tasered” her to subdue her cause she got loud and he some how felt threatened.

Here in this video you have one officer of the court, 4 expensive suits subduing a large convicted criminal who is attacking a person and no one "tasers' [stuns] him with the teaser gun????

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