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3 months FREE webhosting

Well, I broke down and got myself a website - hip hip horray !?!

Well, I only got it becuase they said I would get three months FREE. And yes, I could not pass on the "FREE" offer. Ofcourse it wasn't totally free - after all there is always a catch. Well in this case a hook.

Well, once you start the process they ask you if you have a "Domain Name" - I didn't so that cost me $9.95 [ so much for free] - but I need a domian name in order to have a site so it's a given.

Then comes all the hooks - do you want a "cart'? Do you want email security, and so on... ofcourse being cheap and already angry that my free three month site was not really free - I choose not to get any of the expensive add on's. So here I am, writing to you on my free google blog, wondering what the hell am I going to do with this website - didn't think that far.........

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