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China cares about Olympics more than death of children ???

I guess China will never change. We're concerned about lead and the safety of our children. China - well, who cares if children die - lets make that green back. Well, Olympics, but then again that’s what the Olympics mean to most countries - MONEY!

The Olympics is a big cash cow and that's why countries try so hard to get it - but it amazes me that this countries official is so blatantly open about his "unconcern" about these children’s plight and death - because it shouldn't effect the Olympics?????

24 Chinese Children die of Virus

A common illness that typically causes little more than a fever and rash has killed 24 children in China, and health officials fear the worst may be yet to come as outbreaks occur in neighboring countries.

China's Health Ministry issued a nationwide alert over the weekend after the enterovirus 71 virus, or EV-71, which causes hand, foot and mouth disease, infected more than 4,500 children in central Anhui province.

Vietnam and Singapore also have seen a increase in cases linked to EV-71.

The outbreak in China comes as the country gears up for the Olympic Games. But Hans Troedsson, The World Health Organization's country representative for China, said the disease should not disrupt the Beijing games, which start Aug. 8.

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