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When you should use a stun gun - they don't!

Below We have Raw video of an attack of a prosecutor - in of all places - in court. The convicted criminal for some reason was not handcuffed when he entered the court room and he proceeded to attack the prosecutor [ which looks to be a woman ].

my question is - Where is the stun gun?

Lately in the news we've been hearing how police officers have been abusing the use of stun guns and using them when not necessary to subdue potential threats. like the officer who was 200 pounds heavier than a skinny woman - and “tasered” her to subdue her cause she got loud and he some how felt threatened.

Here in this video you have one officer of the court, 4 expensive suits subduing a large convicted criminal who is attacking a person and no one "tasers' [stuns] him with the teaser gun????

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