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Wii to get fit or just Dangerous

I like the Wii - I’m not a die hard fan of the console but it’s cute and kind of fun. But personally - I think their kind of Dangerous. Not because of the video I posted about the wii handle cracking open someone skull when it slip out of someone’s hand in a heated game. But because in the real world - people have been getting hurt.

I had a friend break a finger because he got a bit involved in his baseball swing. I had a friend tell me her father injured his back trying to bowl a perfect strike. Heck, my brother-in-law owns a wii and my son smack me in the head while he was playing that boxing game. So yes, I think the Wii is a bit dangerous. Ofcourse now the have it - or should I say promote it as a way of getting people fit [ meaning exercise ]. Well let me say this - get might get a coach potatoes off their butt - but I wouldn’t call that much of a work out.

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