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General is his name .....

General is His name....

Well the day came, general [ the dog we were caring for our friends ] is gone, yesterday was his last day. And while I know everyone knows I wont miss him [ no I did not hate him - just to much unwanted work caring for pets and kids ].
I will say this - I was surprised.

I expected my kids to whimper and cry. To shout and pout about general leaving - but they didn't. in fact they almost seemed happy about it. ???
maybe it's because my daughter wont have to wake up at six thirty in the morning to walk him. or because my wife wont have to clean up after him. or maybe it's because my son lost his fear around the dog and the dog became - you know, part of the furniture as he lost interest in touching and petting and following that dog around the house.

I do know this.. I will not miss the screams of my children fighting over who can sit closest to the dog.

So to say my farewell to my four legged little friend - I wrote a song....

Oh happy days are here again,
Want to sing my song and spread the cheer.

No more dog poop we have to scoop,
no more doggy smell that you have to spray.

Oh happy days are here again!!!

No more walking dog who wont go poop,
No more dog who likes to leak at my front door....

Oh happy days are here a-a-a-gain... Cha Cha cha!!!

Thank you, thank you - I do birthdays and Barmitfas...... Thank you, oh so kind, no more appluas, please...........

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