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I love Video games

I love video games, no really.

I love videos games, I’ve always been a fan. I could play for hours and when I was a kid - it was a normal thing for me to play all night in my pursuit to save the princess, destroy the evil monster or capture the prize. There were many a sleepless nights where just me, my game console and several cups of coffee was what I had in the wee hours of the night. I once played “Zelda” for three nights and three days straight. No sleep for me, I was going to save the princess - I did by the way.

So what’s my point - Do you want to know why today’s parents love game consoles, why they are willing to pay three hundred dollars or more on a simple game console. Why they do not find it a waste of money to pay $129 dollars for a DS or other hand held game… let me give you a clue:

Listen, do you hear that.. The silence ..........

I was wondering why the house was so quite. The spouse was taking a nap and the kids - well, not a peep. I thought they were a sleep but when I went to check up on them, I found them lying together in my sons bed playing video games. Kiki was playing her DS and Isaac his Leapfrog ...
Oh how I love the silence.

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