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Stuck at home becuase of High gas prices ...

I just want to share a comment with you all.
The reason, becuase I can relate. I myself often find myself scrouging and debating weather is it even worth the effort to go out - considering the price of gas. life sure has changed for me and many other americans.
here is a comment i recieved yesterday:

comment: Hello, Ive been trying to find help with finances for a while now. I have a 4 yr old boy in day care and a new baby girl , born MAY 13th. I work full time and so does my significant other. We both have even taken on over time. Its been hard on us considering that I work 12-8am 6 days a week and then stay home with my infant during the day. YOU can call me zombie!...Anyway, even with all the overtime it seems like there is always a bill that is late. I guess nobody realized they had to budget for gas being 4 dollars a gallon! I am currently trying to find new employment so that I CAN PAY my bills, but its virtually impossible to run around town in my car and drop off applications when I dont have money to fill my car!!! And on top of that it has been a scorching summer this year for my neck of the woods, so anywhere you go you have to almost always leave the car running. Let me tell you that is not fun with an infant that you have to tote in and out of the scorching car!! Im not asking for sympothy, Im just telling you my story, but I really am in such a bind right now! Ive even had to ask my bank which finances my car to extend my loan just so I can pay bills while I was out having my daughter. I would love to stay at home with her for a few more months but its almost impossible. In order to get a better paying job with livable hours I really need to get out there but like I said how can I??
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Sincerely, DeeDee

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