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Exploiting my Children online????

Exploiting my Children online ? ? ? ?

Interesting, I was asked if I felt ok with Exploiting my children.. When I asked, what they meant by “exploiting my children” - they said :

“You know, putting them out there on the internet for all the world to see. Don’t you think your exploiting them - by putting their life on display for people to see?”

It was an interesting thought. And I could see why people would think that - they think it because they’ve seen what happens to child TV stars and lets not forget all the wacko’s out there. But let me explain a few things - at least from my personal life.

My children are the world to me. They are the joy of my life and the air I breath. When my little girl was born I promised to be there for her, unlike my father who left when I was five. As she grew up I realized two things - one, time and age will erode my memory of all the good things I have done and do for my children. So I started keeping a journal and a large book of photos, mementos and comments I jot down.

Then I realized, I wanted my children to remember me, remember the days dad and mom took them to the park, on vacation and to the movies. It didn’t matter how trivial it was - it was family time. I thought to myself, one day my daughter and son will be teenagers and they may need to be reminded of all the love they received from their parents. So I doubled my efforts to record the things we did, the things that happened in our lives. Even the bad - I have photos of the time a hurricane came thru and damaged our home - pictures of us hanging out by a window as we played games and wished for a cool breeze to come by.

So it wasn’t much of a stretch to want to write a blog about what I thought and talk about my kids. It was just one more reason to think about my kids, to laugh and enjoy and remember them. I make sure I show my kids the blog - often times their right there with me as I write the blog or post a video.

One day they will grow up and I will be gone.

I want my kids to have something tangible to remember me by. Something they can show their kids and grand kids.. Something they can use to build their understanding of who dad and mom was, were, and how they can be the best parents they can be. I don’t have memories of a father because I had none. My memories of my mom are strong - but fade with every year. How many people can recall what happened on day so an so when they were five?

I’m not afraid of being forgotten. I have as much fun creating my memorabilia books and blog as much as they have fun reading them. If I die and they decide to throw my works of memory into the trash - atleast they will know ....... We had a lifetime of memories.

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