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Kids Allowance and Mom-Bucks

Kids Allowance and Mom-Bucks

As parents we don’t give our children Allowances. We may give them money, we buy them stuff they want but allowance - no. Especially for doing things they are suppose to do. Don’t get me wrong - if you give your children an allowance, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just a choice we have made.

But even though we don’t give an allowance - it doesn’t stop my child from coming up with intriguing new ways to get more money. Or getting more money from dear old mom and dad.

Yesterday my little girl spent two hours quietly hiding in her club house [ under my pool table - What are kids doing ]. She didn’t want to be interrupted or seen - which made us even more curious. After the long wait - she came out with her master plan [ see copy below ] - I admit, it is an interesting idea - but I don’t think it will work - she over shot her expectations - according to her she wants to use monopoly money [ those bills are large denominations ]... we’ll have to negotiate.

Her letter: [ forgive grammar - she is only eleven ]

Kiki’s very good idea - MOM Bucks
By kiki

What is Mom-bucks?
Mom-bucks is basically when me or Isaac do something good, do a chore without you telling us, or we be nice to each other, or for any other reason. If we act bad or do something that angers you horribly you have the chance to take them away.

To start:
When you start you give me and Isaac each 3,000 from either games Monopoly or Payday.

How does it work?
Whenever me or Isaac wants a toy or a game, etc. We give you Mom-bucks to pay for it. Like we’re walking through K-mart and I see a game I really like. I tell you I want it and I have enough in Mom-bucks money to cover the price. You say yes pay for it and I give you the same amount in mom-bucks money. Then I earn more mom-bucks [ you don’t have to say yes] . Since the money from 1,000 to like 10,000 depending how good we act you can give use 5,000 or any other prices.

If you agree: sign here -


ellen said...

Hi Bill- this is Ellen from gogochicago... you left a comment on my blog, and I posted a reply, but I'm posting it on your site just to make sure you see it!

Hi Bill-
That is a good question, here is my logic in how making this pizza is cheaper than what I would normally spend on the equivalent.
My favorite pizza place is called Coalfire, and each pizza there costs between 12-18 dollars. Usually, with 5 people, we would order 4 pizzas. Right there, it is $75, not including salads. Flour costs about $4 a bag, but you can make so much dough from one large bag of flour. Yeast is $.99 for 4 packets, and that is enough for a lot of dough. My pricing also reflects having some things on hand- such as olive oil, garlic, and various other spices. The base for the sauce costs around $2.00, and other various toppings such as mushrooms, artichokes, and fresh cheeses add up to roughly $15. So your total cost is $23, and you have plenty of ingredients left over to make more dough at a later date. If you go out to eat, to the particular pizza place that I like in Chicago, for 5 people, including 2 bottles of wine (this place is a byob) at $10 a bottle, and 3 salads at $7 that we split, your total would be around $116, without a 20% tip, which would make it $140. When we make this at home, the total cost, including 2 bottles of wine at $10 a bottle, and a large spinach salad which costs $10 for ingredients and comes to $53 to feed 5 people, and you get to hang out in the comfort of your home. Of course, it takes more planning, and the price of ingredients varies, according to where you live, but it is really fun to make and probably much healthier than a pizza that costs $12.71... I have to ask where you get this pizza? Does the $12.71 include delivery? Does the company you buy the pizza from use high fructose corn syrup? I've seen from your blog that you have kids... kids love making pizza!

So to answer your question, in my world, it is less expensive to stay at home and make my own pizza than it is to go to the pizza place that I enjoy. I can' say if it would be less expensive for you, but I'd urge you to try it. If you don't have some of the basic ingredients around your house, the adventure might take an initial investment that will be more expensive than just ordering from a large chain, but you'll have the ingredients on hand, and it will be a healthy and delicious alternative.

Happy Pizza making!

bill said...

I go to restuarant that is 3 min away - so i save gas and one large pizza with extra cheese - is $12.71 - but I pick it up.
The differences are alot and your dinner experience is defferent - when I eat in the restuarant with the family it can cost me drinks, extra and tip around $32 dollars [ estimate - depending if we order something extra and four 2 adults and two kids - one large pizza is enough for us ]

I was just asking becuase it look like something fun I could do with with my kids [ my duaghter is eleven and my boy is only four ] . Thank you for your response.

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