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Dancing to the Hippo dance - Me no I'm an Adult !

Kids are kids and I know from my experiences of my youth that kids are attracted to dumb things. But as a parent, I just wish my kids would do more than watch things like Sponge bob and Some of these dumb silly cartoons. Not that my kinds turn into vegetables or coach potatoes during the summer. My little has done a lot to improve her math skills over this summer - but she seems drawn to [ what I call - dumb cartoons]. I remember when all she watched was animal planet, Emerald Leggasse and other constructive and educational programming.

But sometimes - even the kids in me over whelms the adult in me.
I walked into my room yesterday and found my daughter and son singing and dancing to this video and I instinctively joined in on the dance craze.

I’m such a bad parent….. LOL

The Hippo video

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