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In Poor taste - you be the judge

In poor taste?

My significant other saw a video clip [ part of a video ] I was creating and said that it was done in “poor taste” on my part.

Well, I’ll let you be the judge of the complete work.
The goal behind this video was to help me talk about the “Effects Movies can have on children”.
You see, we let our kids watch just about anything on TV, videos, internet or in the movies. I don’t mean you personally or I myself - I personally try very hard to shield my kids from a lot of programming on TV. But I will admit that America as a whole - parents don’t really concern themselves with what their kids watch.
I also admit that there are times I let them watch things they really shouldn’t. Not because it’s bad but because it can effect them adversely. I know this will sound silly and it’s embarrassing to me - but I a grown adult can’t seem to take a shower or use the bathroom without wondering if someone is just on the other side of that shower curtain. Really, Psycho [ Hitchcock's original version ] truly messed me up - and I was a teen when I saw it.

psycho 1968I just can’t help but check that curtain - just to make sure you know.

My significant other loves scary creepy movies and TV shows. When my little girl was a baby we never let her watch anything that we thought was too grown up - in fact, we sacrificed our enjoyment and watched kids shows or educational programming [ explains why I can still hear the Barnie song in my head ].
But now that my little girl is eleven we’ve slacked on the TV and have forgotten that my son [ even though he is a boy ] is sitting there with my significant other and my eleven year old watching haunting or some other scary programming.

So here is my question - if my video was done in “Poor Taste” - What do you call letting my kids watch scary, creepy, mind altering and emotional scaring programming. Acceptable???? - ok, so I exagerate a bit......

In Poor taste Video

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