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dealing with your childs disruptive temper tantrums?

Curbing Child tantrums
Question: how do you deal with your childr's disruptive temper tantrums? Parents TV weighs in [ see video below ]

Look, maybe I'm old school - hell, I am old school.
Want to know how I deal with children’s tantrums - "Corporal Punishment".. That’s right - I said it.

spanking childrenI know, your shocked, surprised, appalled - oh my.
Look, I am not talking about abuse or child endangerment - I'm talking about punishing your child. Depending on what age my child is and his/her mental capacity [ meaning if it hurts him more to take away the x-box than a spanking - take the x-box away ]. And ofcourse if your child leans towards talking fine talk - but. I mean but, never forget your child is a child and will do things to test your limits and it will require you to punish that child in a corporal manner [ spanking ].

Let me give you an example: My father-in-law has this story. He tells me that when his youngest daughter was very small he asked her to do something and she freaked out. I mean started screaming, hitting the walls - you know, a tantrum. So he didn’t start telling her to stop - he just got up and spanked the living daylights out of her. You know what, she never did that again. And apparently she remembered that show of parental guidance [ force ] because he never had to spank her again. Maybe he knocked sense into her - that’s it's best to listen to dad or maybe she was just to fearful to openly burst out like that again. In either case she is now almost thirty with a husband and a child - and it didn't kill her.

But for you who might think that spanking your child is wrong - see the video below and take their advice.

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Cloudsters said...

Spanking has its place, in our opinion (not that Sonny is old enough for it to be effective). But some advice we once read concerning training dogs probably applies: The subject (child/dog) must understand the link between the behaviour being discouraged and the punishment meted out. Delaying the punishment until that connection becomes blurry could make the entire exercise pointless.

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