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I need my Gun America !

Ever wonder why Americans need thier Guns?

I believe in the constitution - and it's provision that says we have a right to bare arms. people say - ban guns and you can cut down crime.... let me ask you something?

Drugs are illigal and a banned substance - does that stop the criminals?
Driving drunk is illigal and banned - does that stop the drunks?
Criminals do not go to legal places to buy weapons... they go to other criminals or they find other means to get illigal weapons. Do you think stopping law abiding citizins from getting a gun [ for hunting or protect] will some how stop criminals from getting guns.

How many people you know carry automatic weapons - only criminals... do you think they bought it at walmart??????? And the normal people who have guns like automactic machine guns got them thru less than legal means... so how does keeping the average legal American from being able to excersize his/her right to bear arms going to stop crime????

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