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Ok so it's NOT WALT DISNEY WORLD -but it's Fair ???

Ok, it's not Walt Disney World - but it's the Fair ?

Yep, the county fair - it's not the big fancy walt disney or magic Kingdom kind of outing I want to go to - but the kids wanted to go to the fair. The fair, the Carney, the traveling Gypsies - or Circus [ what ever ]. walt disney worldAll I know is they bugged me and bugged me that I just had to go. My duaghter already made plans to meet her friends there. My wife insisted we meet her friend there [ Hey Betsy - hope you had fun ] - heck if it wasn't already expensive enough - my kids wanted to invite another friend and have me pay [ What do I look like - don't answer that ].

But I do have to say I had a blast. Between my sons excitement and scare the park was worth the over price $17 dollar wrist band to go on the rides and I wont mention the fact that I and our friends son got sort of addicted to one of those carnival chance games. All so we could we could win a toy gun for my son - too bad it turn out to be a cigeret lighter ...... cheap disney tickets

The funniest thing was the Rides - now we go every year and the rides are pretty much the same - but for some reason my son was just terrified of all the rides. Maybe it was becuase he was actually riding alone this year and not with protective dear old dad. But what ever the case he was frighten - but that didn't stop me from pushing my crying son on to those park rides [ I paid alot of money bud - your getting on the rides, I don't care if you do get emotionally scard for life ... LOL ]. My biggest luagh was when my 5 year old was getting on this small roller coaster ride and he is asking the ride attendee if it goes fast. This guy was mexican and I don't think he spoke a lick of english. Here is my timid son who doesn't like speaking to strangers asking him repeatedly - "do this ride go fast?" and this man is staring at him with a blank confused expression.

If you go to any fair, I have one suggestion - the animal section [ the 4 H club thing ] where you go to see the animals - SKIP IT. Man the smell was terrible and of course Besty had to point out a nice pile of "DoDo" out to me - wanted to know if I would put that on my blog.... Boy was I glad to get out of there. Like I said it wasn't Walt Disney world and Magic Kingdom but when your hanging out with family and friends - it's not hard to have a good time. I know I luaghed - especially when my friend got stuck holding a purse, and some stuff dolls [ hope you don't mind having the world see your feminine side bud cuase I took a picture ].

family park walt disney fun at disney funny images park rides This is why you should leave your money at home - video shows how easy it can be to get addicted to a silly game all in the attempt to win my son a prize - I need more cash !!!

Long day [ longest ever ]

Having just one of those days...

You ever had one of those days - you know, the one you wish you could just rewind and do over completly different. I just wish life had a off switch or atleast a fast forward button. It's funny - it started innocent enough - then it started.... car problems, kids having problems, the spouse angry becuase of stress... Oh God she's comming at me with a knife... lol
funny kids, bad day
Please, someone explian it to me... Why is it that when something goes wrong, it seems everything goes wrong. Can't we have a system where problems can just take turns... I guess I shouldn't complian, my father-in-law just turned 50 and he's not complianing - probably becuase he is too busy complianing about me.... Ha, good one. Needed a luagh. Well, I guess life is just a never ending battle and i have to take my own advice - enjoy what you can, while you can, for as long as you can - becuase the kids grow up, the spouse gets old and you get closer to the grave [ the nice dirt nap]......

Well, atleast I have one consolation: my son took pitty on me and gave me the rest of the day off. He siad it, really - "ok daddy, take the day off" - not sure what he meant but hey, from his lips to my ears... I'm going to bed....

Oh what happened to my life ????

I love my life, but just like everyone else there are those days when it is not worth the effort to get out of bed... Today being one of them. My family wanted to go to the fair, then they changed it to movies, not... Then they wanted to go to the fair at 6 pm, ofcourse my duaghter wanted to know if she could invite a friend [ by the way dad can you pay her way ???] I've been awake for less than 4 hours on a saturday morning [ mind you it's my day off ] and I've been bombarded with more work and decission making than when I go to work.... AAAAA!!!...

funny parenting

Girls: girls and what they do ?

Girls and what they do?
Ok, so maybe it was wrong to read the diary entry my daughter left lying around the house. But How can you blame me, it was a single sheet of paper sitting in a pile of other paper work on my desk in my bedroom. Not hers, mine.

So, I read it. And let me tell you I was confused and upset. I’m a Dad and one who is protective of his children. So reading this gave me only two scary thoughts -
one: my daughter is growing up
two: Never again

girls girlsLet me tell you what the diary entry was about in summary:
My wife convinced me to let my daughter to go with her friends to the movies at the mall and that they would be with supervision - her friends dad. So I reluctantly said yes. So in her loose page entry she writes how nice it was to go to the movies, that she bought pop corn and how her friends dad allowed them to go into the movies alone as he waited [ 2 hours ] in the food court.
[* not what I wanted - ]
That after the movie this same dad allowed them to wander the mall unsupervised as they bought jewelry, food and tried on clothing in all the different stores.

Here is what I don’t like : last timed I checked "supervised" - atleast to me - means a present adult. Not one who is on the other side of the mall waiting for you to come back from your escapades.
Another thing is, that she’s growing up. I realized that the fact that she wrote about the experience of having some independence and walking free in the mall was more exciting and thrilling than even mentioning which movie she went to see in her notes.

I don’t think I’m clingy or can’t see she’s growing up - I just want to protect her. And yes, I tell her all the time "she’s only elleven years old". Trust me I want her to grow up, I just want her to enjoy being a kid for as long as she can. Growing up will come naturally - you can only be a kid once and then you spend the rest of your life wishing you were young again.... I do....

Who wants to Buy two kids - cheap !!!!

Oh, I must be stupid....

I thought that the easiest thing to do with two children who fought over the Ds game was - to simply buy my son his own game. After all - then they would each have thier own game and the fighting would stop. No, not so.

Now they fight about the DS consoles and the games. First my duaghter wanted to see [ see means use his blue boyish game] which my son didn't want to do becuase blue is for boys only [ considering children he has been playing her pink girlish game for months. Now they spend thier time fighting over the games - dinner dash, indiana jones, sims kingdom and how my son [ who granted is not proficient in setting games up ] keeps erasing his sisters memory [ it may be on purpose who knows....]

All this fighting and they each have thier own DS game - wow, that $130 dollars on my sons own DS that was suppose to make life easier - only made it worse. Maybe I could make my money back - is anyone interesting in buying two slightly used children. Thier great kids, really, you'll love them ** when thier not fighting........

Any takers ??? LOL...

I would like to offer this Friends AWARD to:

Ok, first lets thank Nubia for the award " Friends Award" - I just love being appriciated and esteemed [ did i say that right ???]

So first - by the rules let me first offer this award to six other bloggers I enjoy, of course :

1] Nubia at - hey you write about new York my home town and all it's craziness - love it.

2] Sue @ She writes about everything and anything. Her keen eye and funny humor is what I live for. Remember the grandma with the body peircing...Ha!

3] Cloudster @ As a fellow parent I enjoy reading about a parent that enjoys living life a fresh and new thru the eyes of thier children. Not to mention the madness parents endure thru the same kids....

4] Veronica [ her blog is private and she is family ] but who else can I depend on to read my post and be totally honest with me - she tells me I'm simply wonderful....

5] : Ok I admit it, I love to read thier blog post but have not yet commented. My bad... I feel so ashamed.

6] It's been a while since my last visit to her blog, but I like her style again she writes about many things that interest me and hey, what can I say - when you leave an effect on people who can't help but remember them.

Ok - Now six things about myself???
1- I'm a grown man and yes I still watch cartoons [ and not for my children but for my own enjoyment - is that so wrong...]

2- I drink a lot of coffee [ if I could I'd probably drink 5 - 6 cups an hour ].

3- Life is short and I simply worry too much - maybe thats why God gave me children... so I can focus on them and not me.

4- I love my wife - but she says I say it to much [ women, who can understand them - I don't]

5- I can't stand peanut butter. not the taste, not even the smell [ but I like peanuts .. go figure ]

6- You've probably heard me mention my high cholesterol on my blog - I got it under control but I think I'm addicted to Mcdonals snack wraps [ the crispy barbue one - delicouse (did i spell that right?)]

*The rules of The Six Random Things About Yourself:

1) Link to the person who tagged you. 2) Post the rules on your blog. 3) Write six random things about yourself. 4) Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them. 5) Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog. 6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Saving Money at Walt Disney world guide - helpful or Rip off ????

How do you Save money while at Walt Disney World magic Kingdom?

Dad needs to save money and yet have a nice Family Disney Vacation - I know you might think it's just me being cheap, or that the economy is so bad that every penny counts [ you are right! ]...
Mickey Mouse walt disney
In away I just want to give my family an experience they'll remember and that won't put us in the poor house. Yes I'm still planning on taking the family to walt Disney World - visit the "House of Mouse" Mickey Mouse that is. I just don't want Walt Disney to break my house - you know marriages break up over finances - children need food, Right Walt, Disney is fun but if it destroys a family - what good is it.

Ofcourse in my search for saving money I ran across an interesting web site - It offers you a guide on how to save money on your dream vacation to Walt Disney world. And while the Magic is about the Magic Kingdom - the cost of $19.99 for this "Save money at Walt Disney World guide" is not so magical. Again, not that I'm cheap - I just wish the website gave you a bit more freebies is all. They talk a good game an all - but they don't give you any up front free advice. Atleast not any tips I already didn't know about.

Below is an excerp of what the site offers and a link - but if you have any real good money saving tips for Walt Disney world - please, Please share them with me and the readers of this Blog. Thank you.

Update 01-03-2012
Apparently things only get more expensive with time. This money saving guide now will cost you only - wait for it - only $29.99. Wow, went from saving me money at the magic kingdom to gouging me before I even get there????

walt Disney
Exclusive Orlando Savings – Available only to readers of my guide. Use my exclusive savings code to obtain discounts not available to the public on other Orlando attractions and terrific dinner shows. The “Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” brings you some of the greatest - no strings attached - savings on Disney World and other area tickets anywhere on the Internet! You can now purchase Walt Disney World tickets for 3-10 days, base or no expiration, Park Hopper option, and Water Park Fun & More option at unbelievably low prices. If you have other area entertainment in mind — Disney Quest, Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, Sea World, Cypress Gardens, dinner shows and more — don’t miss these super discount savings. Full instructions for how and where to use my savings code are included in the guide.

walt disney magic kingdom

Grandma got slapped by Verizon Broadband access internet service

You want "Wireless Internet" ?
Thinking of getting Verizonwireless Broadband service for your wireless internet use?
Well - first consider this - how much do you want to spend and how much do you use the internet on the go. If your thinking of getting rid of your home DSL service - don't - that is if you watch alot of online videos and search a large amount of sites or play online games.
Verizon has not yet gone unlimited on it's braodband wireless internet service. They only give you two options - 1] $39.99 for 50 megabytes [ which people always go over ] and 2] $59.99 for 5 gygabytes of use - which is a lot but not unlimited.

I tell people that they should always go for the higher 5 gb $59.99 package and wait a month. See what your actual use is and then if you go no where near the 50 MB then drop the package down to the $39.99 rate.
verizon wireless broadband accessBut never give up your home DSL online service if you like visiting game sites and downloading music and things like that. You can easily go over your alotted 5 GB allowance on your wireless access braodband if you like to watch TV online or videos or play games. People forget that your being charge per the byte - and videos and files of the like use large amounts of data [ bytes ] and 5 GB is not unlimited.
Don't be fooled - If you like to travel and want to stay connected and just want to visit sites while stuck in traffic as your better half complians about slow traffic - fine. If your retired and go away for three month or so in your Rv traveling around america an occasionally hit the internet - fine. But if you plan to disconnect your home DSL and want to continue watching videos or TV programs [ like myself I watch every new episode of Naruto - a japanese cartoon that comes out new every week ] your going to be paying a lot in overage.....
I had a nice lady come into my store once and she got the verizon Access wireless broadband service - the $39.99 rate plan. She said she didn't use the internet that much and just wanted to check her email when she was traveling - she came back a month later frantic - She was complianing that she hasn't used her laptop in two weeks becuase she had already reached the 48 of her 50 megabyte allowance and wanted to know what she could do to aviod any overages. I told her "you can only move up to the $59.99 plan"... That's all you can do - unless you don't need to use your laptop and want to wait until your cycle is up and your account is reset to zero on your megabyte use?

Here is some info on the Verizon wireless access broadband:

Ultra compact, light and easy to use, the UM175 USB Modem provides high–speed access on our 1x/EV–DO network via VZ Access Manager™. It is compatible with devices that support a Type A USB port and comes equipped with a swivel USB connector, a high–performance internal antenna and an extension Y cable for a power boost, increased RF performance and for solving space clearance issues. Features
BroadbandAccess and NationalAccess Compatible
Rev. A Capable: Typical download speeds
of 600–1400 kbps and upload speeds of 500–800 kbps
Compatible with all devices supporting the Type A USB interface including desktops, notebooks, tablet PCs and PDAs
(see System Requirements)
VPN Client Compatible
VZAccess Manager™ software for easy connection management
Intuitive user interface
High performance intenna
2–color service state LED
External Antenna Connector (External antenna sold separately)
2–way Text Messaging capable
NDIS driver support
32 MB RAM memory
64MB flash memory

My Son is Crazy - just like Me!

My son is crazy - just like me!
Both my kids are the world to me - they make me luagh, cry and experience the world thru thier eye [ fresh, new and exciting ]. But I really think they are trying to quietly drive me insane.

let me explain:
For the last three nights my son has been going to bed [ that’s normal ] but when I go to wake him up in the morning - I find him wearing different cloths - I mean i know he went to bed wearing orange boxers and a white t-shirt, but in the morning he has red boxers and a blue t-shirt ?????
It's like waking up in an alternate universe..
I ask him why and when did he change and he says - "because"....
So basically my son wakes up in the middle of the night to change his cloths so he could look good in the morning... Or maybe just to drive the old man batty!

Enjoy the funny video

Obama, Stimulus and Stupid???

Obama, Stimulus and Stupid ?

I was watching the news today and heard the most stupidest idea ever to come from Washington. A plan lead by Obama and supported by most of congress to Bring back the welfare system. Well ok, they don’t call it welfare - but what else is it. A monthly check to the poor is simply just that - a welfare system. A program that is made to actually keep most people in poverty - that’s right you heard me - in poverty.

barack obama economyMaybe this is a way to pay back all his voters who wanted change - but apparently just want the same old sh*t we had before that did not work. How do I know - I was a child in the welfare system and I remember very well the nonsense and the mentality that this system created.

Welfare never gave you enough money to barely survive on and for any little thing you were penalized. Take for instance the time my mother tried saving $1,000 dollars in the bank. The welfare program cut her off because she actually saved money - told her she had to spend that money or she will no longer receive assistance - and they did. They cut off a mother of seven children who did not speak English well and had a disabled child. Could you imagine that. They were there to help - you just had to be dependent on them.

I lived thru the humiliation of having people treat me as less because I was a welfare child. I lived thru the insult of having no water, electricity and threatened to be kicked out of a welfare rent control project apt because welfare cut my mom off because of some stupid glitch in the system that took two months to fix. Yet, Obama wants to start giving checks out to people. Why, because their poor and are entitled to it? Maybe he just wants to make people indentured servants again [ isn’t that what you call it when an entire class of people is so dependent on another class that they do what ever that class says to receive the bare minimum to survive? ].

Say what you want to say - it’s change. But it sounds like the change is meant to make us go backwards. All those families that were sent to work to earn a paycheck so they wouldn’t be a drain on our economy. So they could be productive in society and not be lazy welfare bums - mothers who left their kids alone at night so they could learn a trade - all for nothing because now, their grandchildren can be just like they were - needy people standing in line waiting for a small barely livable check from the government. Oh, hope it doesn’t come late because then they wont be able to play the lotto and dream of escaping poverty.

Think about this - I saw a wheelchaired individual working in of all places - universal studios. Imagine that - a cripple in a chair - working. but it's ok - soon she could just go collect a chack from Obama, from social security and lets give her medicaid as well. You times that by millions and well have the economy working fine again.

Twilight Book series - what's the big whoop??

The twilight Series book saga: Ok, what's the big whoopdi doo dah???

Granted, I didn't get into the Harry Potter books until I saw the first movie - but this Twilight saga thing is - sort of blah with me. I've seen enough vampire movies to fill several hundred thousand books. heck I could probably write my own vampire book [ I didn't say it would be good ]....

I haven't seen the movie and have no interest but my duaghter is hooked on this book series. I guess it's good she's reading - reading books that I might add are way thicker than most books I read when I was eleven. But now she has my wife hooked on reading these "twilight " books... In fact my duaghter, my wife and a friend all made a day of it when they went to see the movie. They all came back all giddy and stuff. You would think it was a star wars movie or something....

twilight dawnSo, since she is a big fan - I wanted her to give you some words on why she loves this twilight saga book series and below you'll find some links to purchase said twilight books if your interested.

Kiki's Reason why she loves the Twilight saga books:

I like the Twilight series becuase it's very exciting. It's funny and I love the characters. The twilight series is great becuase it is suspenseful, especially the first book. I also love the twilight series becuase it is a fantasy love story. I also like that it is the kind of book any one can read and love. Plus at least to me "it's not boring AT ALL".

There you have it people - kiki's reason why you should read, love and buy the Twilight series book saga. Eat your heart out critics.... Well I did say short and not a long winded critic of the books or in depth analysis of the characters.
If your interested in learning more or getting one of these "Twilight" books follow the links below.

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)
New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2)
Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)
Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

Twilight may be a good read - who knows I personally haven't sat down to read any of the books. But I may if I give it a try ... Naw, seems to much of a mushy love story, nothing like Star wars....

Walt Disney world - Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney world - Magic Kingdom

walt disney worldQuietly planning my next family outing - shhss don’t tell the family.
I’ve been working long hours and many nights - so I figure I have to plan special moments in greater detail than just letting them happen. You know how it goes you put something off till the week end and bang something always comes up. Besides - if I plan it right maybe I can control the cost better [ you save for it rather than have an expensive spur of the moment thing]. I’m thinking Walt Disney World. One night stay at a hotel and take advantage of the one get second free [ if they have it ]...

I know my whole family loves fire works and Walt Disney knows how to give a impressive fire works display. I hope I can get a hotel close to Disney with a view of the park so maybe we can get a sneak peek at their “Disney Fire works extravaganza”...

I understand they revamped the “it’s a small world - I took my little girl to that and hope my son will be impressed as much as she was. I also hear there is a new ride at Disney based on the Monster Inc movie - hope that’s good.
I also heard about - Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin - it’s a shooting ride so that should be a great hit with my son, he so loved the shooting ride [ men in black ] at Universal studios.

I want this to be a good time so I’m taking some advice on how to plan my trip - here are some of my tips to help you have a good time at any theme park - especially one like Walt Disney world.

Helpful tips / I recieved and passing to you:
1. Start planning early and get informed. At least six months in advance, get Disney guidebooks and the free travel planning video, subscribe to online newsletters, listen to podcasts. Knowledge is power and the more informed you are, the more power you have to plan a great vacation.

walt disney world2. Make dining reservations as soon as possible, especially for ANY must-do meal.

3. You can't do everything. I have been to WDW dozens of times and still find new experiences. WDW is as big as a city. You could make yourself crazy trying to go everywhere and do everything. Don't even try and you'll be much happier.

4. Your vacation is unique. A neighbor once asked me for Disney planning advice. I spent hours telling her tips about every corner of WDW. On the first day of her trip, she took her kids to the Magic Kingdom. They LOVED it and begged to go back the next day. So she took them back - five days in a row. They never made it past the MK and had a magnificent time. Her trip was different than mine, but it was exactly what her family needed.

5. Give EVERYONE in the family some special time. Mom and Dad are on vacation too. Get a sitter one night and have a romantic dinner. Go to a spa. Or play golf. Happy parents make a happy family.

6. It's not all about the theme parks. The resorts are beautiful - enjoy them. Also think about the water parks, Downtown Disney, boating, tennis, etc. A variety of experiences makes a balanced vacation.

7. Remember you family's basic needs. If your child naps, get them a nap. If you're hot, find a place to cool down. If you always eat at 6:00, then eat at 6:00. You can't have fun if you're uncomfortable.

8. Set a budget and stick to it. No vacation is worth becoming mired in debt.

9. Give yourself permission to be childlike. WDW is the perfect place to be a kid again. Wear those ears with pride!

10. Relax and let the magic happen.

Universal Studios Florida - 2 day pass

Universal Studios Florida - 2 day pass

You know, it has always been my experience that all these theme parks - including universal studios, are fun to go to but expensive as hell. That's why I guess I like going back for the free second day. Yes I know that it's not really free. You still have to pay for the parking and eating at the park is expensive as well. But it offers you something special.

I don't know about you but when I visit universal studios or for that matter Walt Disney world or any theme park - I am always pressed for time. I spend most of my time rushing to get to the next ride because I feel the need to ride all the rides so I can have a sense of - "getting my monies worth". Funny thing is you rush to get to the next line only to wait 45 to 50 minutes on the line into the ride....

universal studios snoopy
That's why I love the second day free opportunity. I go on all the rides on the first day make as much as I can out of it - then on my second day - I go on the rides I loved the best and the rest of the time I just enjoy eating, looking at the scenery and so forth. For example - my daughter was so surprise to see how life like the back drop of the city sky line at universal looked so real. We got to enjoy the large snoopy balloons and the humongous statue of the hat in the cat. It's nice to just be able to enjoy the park.

The one thing I hate though, is when they alter the rides - take for example the JAWS ride in universal. It's a great ride - and when it first came out - the ride took a long time to get on but once you were on the ride, the guide interacted with you and the ride had a slow steady pace that at least to me made me feel like part of the story. Today - you can get on the ride pretty quickly - but the ride itself is in a rush. The guide is in a rush with his or her speech and doesn't really take the time to interact with you cause she / he is to busy looking for the next cue...

universal studios and my sonI guess all in all it all about what you make of it. Universal Studios was fun and it was even better becuase I shared it with the kids. Nothing like experiencing the world through the eyes of children. And take it from my son, universal studios is the greatest place in the world!!! Ofcourse he also says he loves brocoli.....

universal cat in the hat
universal studios theme park
universal studios sky line

Verizon Fios Coming to town

Verizon "Fios" get the triple play package and save more money. Get phone service, cable and interenet. Every one is always asking me when is Fios is coming to our area - well here is how you can find out if verizons Fios is coming to your town. Just click on the Verizon Fios link below.

Verizon FiOS Internet – the only all digital, 100% fiber-optic network straight to your home.

FiOS is the latest in fiber-optic technology. It delivers laser-generated pulses of light, riding on hair-thin strands of glass fiber, all the way to your front door. When FiOS meets your computer, you'll have access to blazing fast speeds. Online gaming, video chatting like it's instant messaging, downloading feature films and CD-quality audio...Do it all faster than ever with FiOS.

Available Speeds

  • Fast - 5 Mbps download, 2 Mbps upload

  • Faster - 15 Mbps download, 2 Mbps upload

  • Faster PLUS - 15 Mbps download, 15 Mbps upload

Click here for more information

Click here to learn more on Verizon Online DSL.

Party New Years Eve ! ! ! HOT HOT

Party New Years Eve !! Wild HOT Party !!!

family partyOk so it's not the HOT party you might be thinking, but it was a wild good old time. We had the PIG roast [ thats right I had pig - it's new years eve - forget the cholestoral ... sorry Doc... ]

We had the drinks, the loud "wake up" the nieghbors music, the beautiful woman - my wife being the most Gorgeous one present. Love you babe....
The kids running wild, oh and did I mention the dancing?

Ok, this time I didn't get a video clip of my dance moves - but hey you can check out my party dance moves at the Christmas Party video - check it out if you haven't.
Please check out the video and the pictures and Please leave a comment - I do love your comments.

Plenty of Drinks for Party
party drinks

The Party was done Right

party party

No, that's not Alcohol !!!!

hot party babe

Too many women - caliente......

hot party girls

The men are not that bad looking... except for me..

party guys

Sorry Doc - I had to have PIG ...

Party hot pig

My wife's creation - from scratch...

party cake
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