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Embarrassing photos - but why ?


Here I was looking thru the thousands of pictures I have of my children and I started to notice something weird. You know - one of those odd things only parents do with their children.

I don’t know if this was planned [ by my wife ] or if she just subconsciously did it but I found photos of my son sitting on the toilet. Now it might not sound odd at first - but she took one in 2005, took one in 2006 and then another in 2007...?

I have a few of the pictures here on the blog - ain't he cute?
Now yeah, she was probably proud of my little man and his progress with his “poddy training”...
but these pictures are 3 years apart ?

funny kidsOfcourse these are the kinds of pics we all wish Mom never had - because they most certainly will come out of the closet when we bring our date over to visit.. Boy, I remember the day my Mom brought out some baby pictures of me to show my girlfriend how cute I was as a baby [ never mind I was 3 years old in a crib and sucking a pacifier ] Couldn't she have found something manly like me in an army suit shooting terrorist.

But you have to admit - my little man looks so cute sitting on the pot reading his newspaper as he does his thing.
I wonder where he got that from .... LOL

funny kidsThe funny thing is that I found a picture of my son picking his nose. Now I wonder - why would anyone take an upclose picture of that boy picking his nose if not to embarasse him when he brings over his first date.....

Come on son, you'll look back at this and luagh...... Lol

funny picture


Maria Mathy said...

You think your wife is waiting for a girlfriend to come over to show these pictures to and YOU just showed them to the world! Oh, He’s gonna love ya for that one!!!!! (*_*) (*_*) (*_*) Tee Hee Hee!

Jenifer said...

I have two kids and the things they have done over the years is just stunningly hilarious. The little one is naughtier. I wish they keep smiling always and make others smiling too.

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