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My Parenting style comes from my Belief in "Dictatorship"

My duaghter is the most preciouse thing in my life. By now, anyone who follows my blog should know that my children are everything to me. And being one who grew up in the mean streets of new York city - in the ghettoo and surrounded by crime and so much more - yes I am over protective.

It's not becuase I'm to clingy - it's becuase I know what can and does happen out there in the "REAL WORLD".

What is my point? I ran across this article titled : How to protect your children.

Good read and informative - But I think it would fall on deaf ears for most parents. I watch parents act like the minute thier child turns 4 years old they should be able to fend for themselves. Even worst is those parents that for no reason I can comprehend act like thier children are to much work and effort and should just be left alone to do what they want becuase hey - if they can walk and talk they should be able to "leave them alone"... ok so I'm being harsh. But really... Even in my current quite neighborhood in a quite part of florida - I still hear stories. How about the simple fact of letting your child get the mail - I heard how a 5 year old came running into her home screaming to her parents that some man in a car was trying to pull her into his car right on her own drive way. And my wife wonders why I keep such a watchful eye. I'm not overly clingy - just too experinced to think that nothing could ever happen to my child.

childrenTake for instance who your children hang out with. As a parent I prefer my child bring her friends to my house rather than she being sent to thiers. Why? - becuase one: I want to know her friends [ I mean know them - not just say hi and send them off to a secluded bedroom where you don't know whats going on ]. Second - Who are these parents of this child, who is living in that house and who are their nieghbors?? [ ofcourse the same could be said about me - but if this parent is so willing to have my child go over, they should have no problem sending thiers over to my home - if I had my way, trust me - we wouldn't have any friends coming over......]

But - like most parents no one wants to take the time to learn much about thier kids friends much less take an extra step like running a simple back ground check on someone.. Thats right - a back ground check.. Sounds over the top but think about it...

Teachers sleeping with elementary school kids. Principals accused of molesting children. Police or sheriff officers accused of sleeping with highschool children. What about the fact that a child molester can be living right next door to you.

Are you going to wait until it's to late - so you could say, "what if I had done more?"

There is so much out there - people who simply want to do harm to anyone that crosses thier path - I prefer to be protective than to wonder, "could I have done more...."

A section from : How to protect your childrenThere are many sites available for you to check someone out. By simply typing in a name, you can get access to information about their civil and criminal records, warrants, phone number and address and even marriage licenses and death certificates. This will help you determine whether the person your child is with is safe or not. Never trust someone simply because they seem nice. Sometimes thieves, murderers and others that are up to no good can come across as being nice people. While most of the time, you will find that the people your child spends time with are very safe and clean, there are many instances where a parent took that for granted and ended up being wrong. You do not want to be one of those people who will spend the rest of their lives wishing they had just checked a little better. Be vigilant, and sleep well at night knowing that you have done your best to make sure your child is safe.

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