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Riding The Bull - I'm such a loser?

Riding the Bull & the bull won…

Ok, So I admit it, it wasn’t a real bull - but a mechanical bull or a real one - I am ashamed to say I failed.
I saw the bull ride from more than twenty yards away and I wanted to ride that bad boy. Flashes of all the cow boy movies I’ve ever seen danced thru my head and for a minute - I thought I was going to break the record. I convinced myself that this was my day. I was going to ride the mechanical bull and I was going to be better than everyone else. Yep - me, city slicker turned country boy - today I would ride into county fair history. NOT!

When I got to the line and saw what some of the first bull riders had gone thru - flailing around on that mechanical monster - I thought - "is this thing safe"? I noticed how the mechanical bull operator was more gentle on the kids than she was on adults - and again I thought, is this safe?

Then I got to the sign up sheet and just before I wrote my name down I read the fine print that was way above of the page. It was a disclaimer - it read in summary - that if you sign up for the mechanical bull and you get injured which was a possibility - you would not hold “liable” [ responsible ] the fair, the owner of the bull or the operator of this mechanical bull. So I froze - my question was - "is this safe?"... And even though I recorded a video of a little girl ridding the bull [ as proof for you ] I couldn’t help think that if I got on this thing - the operator would find some perverse pleasure in making sure I looked the fool as I fell “hard” off this mechanical death trap. So, in the end, I quietly walked away and failed to mention to my friends and family that fear and the mechanical bull had won the day.
I’m such a coward

1 comment:

Nubia said...

you are a smart man! those things are dangerous!!!

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