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Airport escapades- threatened to Tow my car ???

Airport Escapades - night of confusion!

As most families do - I went to the airport to pick up my in-laws. Their flight was arriving at 9:45pm and I expected them to be late. After all, when did any flight arrive on time. But not even two thirds on the way I get a phone call from my in-laws??? Yes, their flight had already landed and they were wondering where we were. So I applied a bit more pressure to the gas pedal and off I went. If the trip wasn’t bad enough with finding no attendee at the toll booth and barley having enough change - the night only got worst.

I went around the airport trying to get to section A and find the jet blue station for arriving flights. Ofcourse just as I found the arriving flight section for jet blue I get a call from my mother in-law telling me she was at the departing section - How? I don’t know. So around the airport I went again to the departing area - get there and I can’t find them. So one more call and my father-in-law tells me they’re in the section where taxi cabs and bus lines pick up people. I tell them [ my fault ] stay where you are I’ll find you - don’t move.

After another turn around the airport I see the section where the taxis and bus liners go and without thinking - I swoop in there trying to get my people out. To my surprise I found an electronic gate that would not open - after discussing it with the person over some speaker - I was told this was a restricted area and that I “should get out” - if I even try to pick up people in this section my car “will be towed” so in the gate, across the lot, out the other side and one more phone call. Meet me upstairs at departure - at the jet blue section number 8 - that’s where I’ll be to get you. One more trip around the airport, into the departure section, and finally picked up the in-laws. Boy - what a night.

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