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Obama - to soon to Say: I told you ???

Is it too soon to say - " I told you so "

Do you need money, cash - like now?
Are you depending on Obama and the “new deal” - the promise of a better government to come help you out?

Before - Obama, became president - I had an interesting discussion [ almost heated debate ] about my dislike to Obamas double speak and lies [ yes I said lies ]. I said there is no way he can do want he promises and that his tax cuts [ only tax the rich crap ] was crap and that it would be a tax on people like you and me and the poor. Ofcourse I was shot down accussed of being a Obama hater and all that. So - is it to early to say - “I told you so!” … ?

So much for change - didn’t I tell you Sis that one man can’t do it all - it takes congress to change as well. Oh, and he is already bowing to their whims… All hail bigger Government - here they come to save us…

Please read -
[ Be it noted, all income groups might have to contribute at some point — details to follow: Page 27 of the O-plan observes that "others have proposed different ideas to finance expanded health coverage," including a value-added tax. But there are no specifics on a VAT, only a quick nod to the fact that the $630 billion that Plan Obama sets aside for health care reform "is not sufficient to fully fund comprehensive reform." ]
Plan Obama: pass the check Debra J. Saunders



junemc33872 said...

Willliam: I too said the same as you..... so "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"
If you are in the middle class somewhere get ready to be poor.....

Anonymous said...

Well anyone who knows politics knows that it’s similar to a popularity contest. You have to say what the people want to hear. Then once in you try to do what you say but like everything you must do a lot of convincing in order for everyone to agree & they all fabricate the truth. Think of when you are at work have you ever know whose going to be fired before they do but can’t tell the person. Well that’s congress. So I wouldn’t say he lied. A smart individual knows that everyone must agree & that’s hard to accomplish no matter who would have become President. If only one person had the say then this would be a dictator ship. So instead of I old you so participate in the fight.


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