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Red neck shirts: how do you dial 911 ?

I should buy my children "Red Neck shirts" - or atleast make my own red neck shirts, you know the t-shirts with the funny not so politically correct red neck jokes.

Really, it must be something in the southern air, maybe the water - or just the area - but how can you be so dumb. Well, let's not say dumb, my kids are not dumb - but sometimes I wonder. my duaghter should have a red neck shirt that says:

" how do you dial 911 ? "

I am no geniuses - just ask my wife. But by God, what are my kids learning in school. I mean, I was talking to my duaghter [ seriouse conversation ] about safty. I told her if you ever get in trouble just call "911" .... she gave me this look and said "how do you dial 911 ..." ??? what ????

Did you just have a red neck moment - are you here or are your brians on vacation? You don't know how to dial 911 - even a red neck knows how to dial 911! You know I could have let it past but it was such a DUH kind of thing.

You, we luagh at my mother in-law becuase in a moment of horror [ house being rob ] her husband [ my father in law ] told her to call 911 - as she screamed back at him " how do you dial 911 ". Now I know she was underrest and couldn't think striaght [ we still luagh about it ] but she has an excuse. But my dughter - well, might as well buy her a red neck shirts that says: "how do you dial 911?"...

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