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Camping: Rain was the best Part for Boys ...???

When I tell people I go camping - they initially seem genuially interested. But when i mention that i go camping in a "tent", they tend to freak out. It's like - Oh my God, your in the woods and all you have is this thin layer of canopy between you and all of the wild????

florida campingI hear all these horror stories about how bad camping is - and mostly it's ussually about "how it rain while they were camping"... I think that rain is just part of the camping experience. For me - it's just one more piece of the fun factor. And I think the boys who were with us on this trip - enjoyed the rain more than I did. i mean lituraly enjoyed it. The rain wasn't going to stop them from having fun - in fact - the rain was the purpose behind all thier fun.

Ok - it wasn't what i had in mind when I told them go have fun in the rain - but hey they had fun. They decided that they would have a mudwrestling match. Oh it was the funniest thing to watch. i got a couple of video clips to show you - but i missed most of the real funny parts. I wish I had a digital camera that was water resistant.

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