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How kids can make money

How kids can make money - and SAVE the Earth !

They might as well do something since their always asking for more new shiny expensive things. Hey - maybe I can get my kids to raise the funds I need to create that magical dream Walt Disney vacation ? Doubt it....

But if your looking for a way to help push your kid off the couch away from the video games and be more productive than just playing outside - why not push [ I mean ] teach your kids - "How kids can make Money"!

There’s lots of ways a kid could raise money - and hopefully it's not only just from asking Mom and dad - try working, get a job - move out already... excuse me....

In my last post i wrote about how you could get cash or plant a tree for that old cell phone [ or several cell phones ] you have in your junk draw. But Then I was told by a much smarter individual than myself - that maybe you could have your kids collect the old cell phones and send them in for cash. TaDaH! The Idea hit me 'How kids can make money" oh, and save the earth. It's a pretty good idea - that is if you can motivate your kid or kids to go out and do it. after all - they can collect cell phones [ oh, and old MP3 players - they make the most bucks when recycled ].

I guess you can motivate the kids by teaching them that the earth is precious and we have to recycle - or money could be a greater motivator. Cash, green backs - hey kids - want to learn how kids can make money .... hint , hint .... get up off the couch boy and do some work!

There are several websites you can go to to recycle electronics : I only mentioned "FlipSwap" in my Go green Blog post.

But you want to make sure that you:
one - take it slow - you don't want to collect garbage.
two - give your kid a sense of purpose and control. * you want them to have a system not just collect a bunch of old ipods and cell phones and let mom and dad do all the work.
three - give them a space to work in the garage. make it a real business, makes kids feel important.
four - understand you have to put in some work, but let 80% of the work be done by the child.

how kids can make moneyI can't take credit - these tips all came from my friend who owns a business but has no kids.... maybe that's why he has such great ideas - no kids.... just kidding.

"How kids can make money" - hope you like the idea - I'm going to try it out this summer, maybe my duaghter can make enough to reimburst me for the plane tickets I bought for her to visit grandma and grandad in new York....

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