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Parenting: Discovering how to Read ?

Parenting: Discovering how to Read ?

My duaghter loves to read. She reads more than I do. Ofcourse I have a

But I could never get my son to sit still long enough to read to him. I was
lucky if he let me get through two pages before he started playing games or
wanting to jump on my back.

Like any good Dad - I think I have the best Parenting skills around. Ofcourse
my duaghter made it easy for me. My son - well, he is just proving how
difficult parenting can be.

parenting early readerFor a while there I was concerned that my son would be the "not so smart" one in
the family. You know, every family has the geek and the jock [ meaning the smart
one and the dumb one ]. But my son gave us a nice surprise the other day. I've
tried getting him to read these "hook on phonics" books I used with my
duaghter - but he wouldn't listen. But out of the blue - my wife comes and
tells me that he can read on his own. That he just grabed the hooked on phonic
books and showed her he could read. Ofcourse I had to see it for myself - and he did
really good.

children reading hurtsI was very surprised and relieved. Those books still work....

I just have a bit of a worry, one of the books reads: "pig can hit" - I hope my
son doesn't think that gives him a license to hit .....

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