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Banned From McDonalds ??? Oh NO!!!!!

As I did some of my Christmas shopping today - mostly for the wife [ took kids to get mom a gift ] I decided to forgo my doctors orders and eat at my favorite fast food place - [ say it with me ] "McDonalds.... just rolls of the tongue.... :)

So, I went into McDonalds and as I stood in line waiting for 12 minutes as a single man argued with the manager about McDonalds charging him .30 cents extra for extra onions on his dollar hamburger.

banned from mcdonaldsThe manager explained to the customer that it was corporate policy and not just this one stores policy - but the man continued to insist that he always gets extra onions for free. As I waited surprised at how this man really was making an as* of himself [ or maybe it was because I was hungry and wanted to push him out of my way ] but finally the manager gave him the number to McDonalds corporate 1-800 number.

So he finally stepped aside [ so I can make my order ] to call the corporate office. As I made my order he came back to the manager and again started to complain - so the manager got on the phone with corporate and then gave the man a free cup of water and escorted him out.

As I picked up my food the manager came in and informed the staff that if that man were ever to come back to this McDonalds that they were instructed to ask him to leave and if he refused - to call the police on him.

Ofcourse the whole situation was an ordeal for me, but the free sundae the manager gave me for being so patient so long helped me recover nicely... :)

children facing a Socialist America

Freedom - people think your nuts when you tell them that we're losing it. They think that it's great that government is getting bigger becuase government will take care of us [ that is the us that don't work, pay taxes and want to be given everything free paid by the so called rich ].

The democrats [ 2009 ] are fighting over Health care reform ... Government messed medicare, abused social security into bankruptcy and tax the poor harsher than the rich. yet they want us to believe they know how to handle health care.... seems like the creator of this 1948 cartoon new better than many of us today.

This Cartoon Seemed Far-Fetched In 1948

an Army of one 5 yr old

Here I was dragged to the mall, not just any mall but the mall in the next county. Tired, disgusted and broke.... my wife decides to tell me while on our long trip home that we need to make a stop ???

For what?
Oh to take some pictures of your son on a tank?

what??? tank, pictures, why??
I dressed him up and I have the camera, we might as well.

No, not really, [ was what I was thinking....] but my son already started gleefully shouting "yeah dad, I have to...".

So stop I did. The strange thing is, my wife’s biggest concern is that my son will join one of the branches of the Armed forces - but she is also the one encouraging him by buying him everything Army or having him visit tanks....

I have to say, though I was tired [ disgusted and broke ] I did enjoy taking the pictures, watching the excitement in my little boys eyes as he got on the tank, looked at all the parts and pretended to be blowing up Canada ???

Here are some pic's below - look at the cute kid, ignore the ugly man [ me... lol ]...

isaac army children
parenting children army
children funny pictures
children army fun


Oh Crap, this made me feel dumb, thanks for sharing Sandy...


Which way is the bus below traveling?
To the left or to the right?

children school bus dummy

Can't make up your mind?
Look carefully at the picture again.

children school bus dummy

Still don't know?

Pre-schoolers all over the United States
were shown this picture asked the same question.
90% of the pre-schooler's gave this answer.
'The bus is traveling to the left.'

When asked, 'Why do you think the bus is traveling to the left?'

They answered:

'Because you can't see the door to get on the bus.'

How do you feel now ???

Halloween - How to make a cake look like a Pumpkin [ not a recipe ]

halloween recipe
How to make a cake look like a Pumpkin !
Oh, Halloween - the scariest day [ night ] of the year.
In time past me and the ball and chain would have gone to universals Halloween horror nights, a stroll thru old town with all the whacko’s or simply watched a very scary movie [ and then got busy .... :) - did I say that out loud?] .

But when you have children you have to temper your ways and make the scariest night of the year - a bit more child friendly… whoopee… So, a Halloween party it is. Go “trick a treating”, dress up [ I dressed up as Clark Kent ( superman’s secret identity ) on vacation [ check it out, I think it was creative] .

halloween women are strongerOfcourse my family outing turned into a reason to invite four of my daughters friends to come to the party and to top it off - sleep over as well [ talk about cackling witches - scary ]. I believe the night truly was a big success [ thank you Annie - for inviting us and your decorating skills are great! ]

The girls had fun, all the kids went "trick-a-treating" and the adults actually had a fun time talking, taking pictures and scaring the kids [ loved it ]. Despite the mess in the kitchen - I loved the cake my ball and chain made, it tasted good and looked great. It was a pumpkin - hard to make but looked awesome.

How to make a pumpkin shaped cake:
halloween recipe cake

1- Take a bunt cake pan and make two cakes
[ use your choice of recipe ]
2- remove baked cakes from pans and cut top of cake flat
3- decide which cake should be the top and which should be bottom
4- use a filling [ thin layer ] simply to hold two pieces together
5- used a ice cream cone [ with flat bottom ] as stem
6- decorate to look like pumpkin

* can’t use fondant because you lose the curves necessary to make it look like a pumpkin - so use icing [ it will take practice ].

Tell Me that don't look Good

Trust me "Chuky" is not the scariest of the Bunch !

halloween costumes

Winners of the Best Costume Award - way to go guys!

cake recipe halloween costume

And this is on a good day :)

funny children costumes

So, there was a witch, a fairy and this ghost - no, it’s really funny....

children fairy tale
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