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What do you give a football fan as birthday Gift - ACC championship seats !

My son has become a big Football fan - he doen't care if it is college or nfl, he just likes football. So this year he has been counting down the days till christmas, his birthday and the ACC college Football championship game held in Tampa Bay stadium.

Personally, I have been been to a game [ live ] - I prefer watching my games on TV where there are no lines to the bathroom, no drunks and I don't worry about the weather. But he really wanted to go - and we had a blast!

ACC College Footbal Championship !!!

children at acc football gamechildren acc football game

The best thing about being there live was the Pre-game show [ missed the opportunity to take pictures of the guys who parachuted down to the field ]. The bad thing about being there live - idiots who keep blocking my sons view - {#&*+&^#@!!!!!} - go home you drunks.

acc football championshipacc footbal game live

Ofcourse we had to have our own after game party at the Hotel, you know we roll like that - check out my son, his team won !!!

acc football collegechildren at acc football game

Even Mama got sucked up into the party celebration, my team lost so I just took pictures....

acc football championship
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