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Children, computer virus and planning MURDER

Children, computer virus and planning MURDER

I wrote in my last post about my computer getting infected with a virus, now as I sit here at work with the only computer I have access to for internet – I am thinking of planning [ yes premeditated ] Murder.

Normally I have all my files backed up – but hey it was Christmas, then new years – I have been busy so I didn’t back up or make copies of all the holiday pictures, videos and all the work I wasn’t suppose to do during the holidays. But now that my computer has this darn %#@&*+! Virus I can not even seem to save my pictures to cd. The virus lets my computer run a cd but when I go to copy to a clean cd, it says it can’t find it.

parenting controls computer onlineI know, I copy the files I have to run a virus scan on any copied information before I store it in another computer – but atleast I would have it copied.

Really, this bites and I am considering Murder – well at most a severe punishment. I can not believe this, I have even downloaded a new anti virus program into the computer but the virus overwrites it and I am in the same boat. I looked into a program that runs an anti virus program from a cd [so you don’t need to install ] but it’s expensive and I would hate it if it turned out not to work as well.

This truly bites, I am going to have to take this thing to an expert or just break down and buy a new computer that I will lock away from my children. No, really – some one told me I should have anti virus protection – and I did. This virus came in as a pop up [ from what I gather ] and my daughter click the ok button – anti virus can not protect you from yourself. The dumb thing is instead of telling me she continued to play with it so it was to late – back up or restore doesn’t work, the anti virus doesn’t work, can not even add a new anti virus………… #$@%^&*!!!!!!!!

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