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Dad I hate 3D movies - no don't want to see Prince of Persia

prince of persia movie
Oh my God, things are getting weird around here.

It's summer time and my baby girl is in New York and all I have is my little boy for the summer. I'm trying to do my best at finding the money and time to make his summer a fun time. Or atleast, I'm trying to make it that he has a memorable summer so he doesn't feel like his sister had a better time than he did.

So why am I just finding out that my son hates 3D movies. No I'm not kidding - he really hates 3D movies.

I thought he was kidding when he would tell me he wanted to see a movie that just came out but would always say "I want to see that dad, unless it's 3D...."

prince of persia movie reviewI never took him seriously until this last Saturday. Oh my what a scene. He has been talking about wanting to see the movie "Prince of Persia" - yeah not your typical child movie but he was all stoke about. Until we showed up at the movie theater and he didn't want to go in - he started crying and pouting, he was so scared and did not want to see the movie.... worst, he did not believe me that it was not 3d...

I had to put my foot down and force him to be quite and to come and enjoy the movie - once he realized it wasn't a 3D movie he was calm and then relaxed as he enjoyed all the gratuitous violence and action. He told me he loved it and admitted that though he originally wanted to see the movie he said he didn't want to see it because he hates 3D movies. He doesn't want to tell me why he hates it - but he is adamant about it - no 3D movies.

3d movies reviewIt can’t be that he is afraid because this kid of mine is not effected by much - he loves anything that has to do with military and we even watched 5 episodes of that “band of Brothers” HBO movie series and my goodness that has way too much violence - but it didn’t faze him.

So I have no clue to why he hates 3D so much.
This explians why he wanted notyhing to do with the Shriek 3D movie......
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