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Home Insurance - what a SCAM

We all think that insurance is a waste of money - that is until we need it.

A co-worker of mine was telling me how a client of his was getting a large $90,000 dollar check from his home insurance company.

home insuranceApparently the client was home and decided to start cooking his evening meal, then decided to go outside and check on the kids.
He spent a wonderful time playing catch with the kids and then realized that he forgot that he had forgotten about cooking dinner. I guess all that billowing smoke and the flames bursting from his home must have been a clue.
Sadly enough his entire home was burned down to the ground, thankfully no one was hurt in the fire.

Having a house - the great "American" dream.... no one likes paying for house insurance - that is until you need.

I have never really enjoyed anything that has to do with insurance, I simply can not put my head around the idea that we are basically gambling with me having my life turned upside down.
My house, every American has one dream - to own their "Dream Home"... and what is House Insurance for, to protect that dream. Ofcourse house insurance is basically a gamble - the insurance company that covers my house insurance is betting that I never have to call them on that policy. I am betting that the insurance company will pay me if the house insurance is actually needed. Sadly enough I am at a crossroad.
While I don't want to ever have to collect on my "house insurance" I can not help but feel a bit secure knowing that I have it, even if I don't like to pay for it.

My problem today is not so much fear of losing my home, but of losing my "Home Insurance".

State Farm insurance decided that they were getting out of the home insurance business in Florida. Ofcourse that means I being one of their lucky customers have to find a new home insurance carrier before my current policy expires. So where does that leave me, well - it's hurricane season and apparently none of the current insurance companies that still offer home insurance policies in Florida are offering any policies right now.

Why, because of hurricane season. They basically simply close shop every time the weather man reports that there is a new named storm brewing in the ocean. So here I sit waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to send me papers so I can get insurance to protect my dream - my home from the very thing that is keeping me from getting home insurance from these idiotic insurance companies.

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