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How cheap is your Boss

How cheap is your Boss?

So, everyone knows that times are tough, that the economy is hemorrhaging and things are tight. But I was wondering:

How cheap is your Boss?

I ask because I realized that my boss is extremely cheap. I mean really cheap.
Now I’m not saying this because I am some disgruntled employed who wants a raise or is unhappy at his job. I like my job, I enjoy it….. Even with the bad days and some crazy customers. But I believe that my boss may be the cheapest B@stard in the entire world.

Let me explain:

Four months ago, one of the only two staplers in my office disappeared. Just disappeared… poof, gone. So I emailed my supplies department and asked for a new stapler. I was told that they would see what they could do for me ????

yuthinkSee what they could do? That should have been my first clue.
One month later I had nothing and called again, again the same response. Two months later I called, sent my fifth email and still… they will see what they can do????

Three months and I was pissed, mad and angry. So I called and sent several not so light hearted emails and the response I got was… “Well let me ask the big boss if it’s ok to order you a new stapler?”

What the hell? Ask the big boss. Why would they bother the big guy about a simple stapler? One more moth passes and it’s now 4 month later no stapler. I called again and ask half heartedly: can I please get a stapler….. This time I was asked: “why do you need two staplers?” I bit flustered I explained that there are three people working here and we share two samplers when we have customers…. We have been getting by with one stapler but it’s hard when we each have a customer and I have to walk over to the other desk to borrow a stapler [ not professional you now ].

Two days later a brander new but very cheap stapler arrive at my office. I couldn’t believe how cheap they were, but that wasn’t even the worst of it. When my manager showed up I told him how hard it was for me to get a stupid stapler, he said “your lucky, the other office had to buy their own stapler”….. What, the employee had to pay for their own supplies? I know, a stapler is not that expensive but Geez….. Give me a break, is that why they took so long to get me a stapler - were they hoping that I would break down and use what little they pay me [ my own money ] to buy a stapler so I could do my job?

I wonder, is your boss cheaper than mine?


Anonymous said...

Yessssssssss! I can top that! We don't have pens for customers to sign their claim forms so that the Boss big fat bank accounts get bigger. So, we have to byop to the office. Plus, we have one stapler for 3 ppl. and it it's broken. You bring your own. How cheap is that??!! And when it's their bday. We as a staff chip in money for them. But , when it's ours...we buy our own food to celebrate with the rest of the staff! The boss doesn't contribute nothing, zero. nilch...

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I have one that is even cheaper. The towel holder in the men's room broke. A cheap plastic thing that never held the towels to begin with. My boss sends his wife, in her $50K Lexus to the dollar store and she picked up a $1.00 cheap plastic paper towel holder. The boss installed it and was so proud of himself. Two weeks later, the thing fell apart. The boss went around, in a huff, to everyone in the office, and asked 'did you break the towel rack???" . He was so upset over his $1.00 towel rack that he didn't speak to anyone for the rest of the day. Then he gets a cut on his one hand. Of course he doesn't have any first aid supplies so he is running around asking if any of us have a bandaid. Are you kidding me? This guy makes a six figure income and can't afford a first aid kit. I could go on forever with this guy.

Anonymous said...

My boss is so cheap she makes me account for every piece of paper I use. She also makes me write down on a piece of paper everytime I print something off on my printer so she can analyze where my toner cartridge is going. I spend more time keeping track of my paper and toner usage than doing my job. Might I add that I am the only person in an office of 22 people that is required to do this.

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