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Verizon Wireless changes "Employee Discount" Program

Here is something interesting and tricky.

Verizon Wireless is changing or has already changed it's employee discount program.

In my opinion, what they have done is basically forced people's hands to sign up for thier website and sign up for "paperless" billing.

Here are the detials:

Verizon basically keeps the same agreement with your employer as far as discount goes.
But, if you have not signed up to "myverizon" or if have not signed up for "paperless" billing you will lose 3% of your "Employee Discount".

So if you want to keep your full discount, you have to sign up for the above mentioned requirements.

Not a big deal for most, except that they have not gone out of thier way to "announce" or advertise this change and are waiting for customers to realize the change [ meaning bill will be higher ] and are giving thier sales reps a script to feed to customers who walking complianing about the change and loss of 3% savings.

So please pass it along. Tell your friends and let them know.
Personally, I think this is just a way of Verizon forcing customers to go paperless - becuase it's good for the invoirment or if your like me [ you believe ] thier hoping non-tech people who go paperless will not complian about false or errors in billing becuase they do not have a paper bill to review.

but thats just me....

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