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Verizon Wireless Trade-in Program

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VZW Trade-in program

Have a used phone you don’t use anymore? The Verizon Wireless Trade-In Program empowers our customers (and potential customers) to get value out of their used device. Effective September 30, 2010 this program will provide an online trade-in service where customers are presented with the option of receiving a VZW Gift Card or donating to HopeLine, which supports victims of domestic violence.
Using the self-serve website, customers can determine the value of their device, submit a trade-in request, and track the status until the VZW Gift Card is received. At the trade-in website, customers can
1. Appraise to determine the value of the device.
2. Accept the option to receive a VZW Gift Card or donate to HopeLine.
3. Arrange for shipment of the appraised device to the Trade-In Support Center.
4. Verify information and submit the request.

For the customer:
Receive value for a used device from any wireless carrier
Peace of mind that the equipment will be reused or recycled

About the Program:
Have a used device you don’t need anymore? The Verizon Wireless Trade-In Program allows you to get value out of your used device and help the environment at the same time.

Here’s how it works: By providing the manufacturer, model and condition of your device, you can determine how much your used device is worth. After appraising your device, mail it within 30 days in the self-addressed, prepaid envelope we send you. If your device’s value is greater than $0, you will receive a Verizon Wireless gift card for that amount. If the device’s appraised value is $0, we encourage you to donate it to the Verizon Wireless HopeLine. Verizon Wireless’ HopeLine program collects no-longer used wireless devices, batteries and accessories and turns these unused wireless devices into support for victims of domestic violence.

Three ways to access the program
1. URL:
2. Global navigation on and My Verizon web pages
3. “Learn More About” on self-serve page

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