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My son the new GQ man of the month

My son the new GQ man of the month…

He looks good I have to say. This pic would make a great GQ cover… which is funny since he loves to run around the house in only his underwear. But then again isn’t how Marky Mark got into magazines? Posing on magazine covers in only his tighty whities….

What do you think, should I get him a magazine deal?
Is he too young? Too short.. lol
Aw I’m just joking. I don’t think I could be that kind of parent. Bussing my kid from place to place - I want my kids to be kids. I seem to have a deep seeded fear in having them grow up to fast anyway. My daughter is already 13 and I feel like I am losing her… I do not want my little boy to grow up anytime soon.

the longest new years eve EVER...

Holly Crap, This has been the Longest "New years Eve" EVER...ER..ER..

I have no complaints, instead of going out we had our own New years eve party bash at home.
Which means I spent several days getting ready for this year end bash. But, that is a deferent story.
For the Party we had the kids, some of my daughters friends, some of my wife's friends.... And .. No, none of my friends??? weird huh?....

But, even though.. I was glad to see they had fun.

We had way too much food, some one brought a large bottle of Vodka [ no I didn't drink, neither did the kids… ]. We had the Wii, the Xbox connect, someone brought the board game "Cranium".. So yes they had fun. They were dancing - if you can call it dancing. They were playing sports with sports connect [ so funny to watch… I am not allowed to post the videos ] and they played that cranium game... That is a strange game.

Did you noticed I said they....
Well, I was the only one that had worked a full day and to top that off I had the customer from hell in my store. This crazy woman mistook the company "Verizon" with me. She was accusing me of wrong doing, even though I didn't sell her the phone and that there was literally nothing wrong with the phone. She accused me of sabotage as she spoke with a Verizon rep on the store phone and to boot... she said she was going to kill me................. wow, been told by irate unsatisfied customers that hey would sue verizon but never to “kill me“... As in me personally?

So I was exhausted mentally and emotionally... so I had to conserve my energy to be able to last the night. Ofcourse I was taking breaks from the party and since I was the only one that was not dog tired the next day... I wanted to do something, go somewhere... but everyone else was sleeping so I impatiently waited for the family to wake up and I took the family and my daughters 2 friends to the movies... got their late so we did the next best thing... we went to eat at "Outback Steak house". Ah food, the glue that unifies all people'

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